iPad Pro 3 or iPad Pro 2018 Latest Concept Images Feature Slim Bezels – Specs Detailed

Daphne Planca
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The phone screens with edge-to-edge display have become a trend nowadays. So, it is not a surprise that one day, the future tablets will have them as well. Now, a concept design just got surfaced online.

The artist and freelance designer Álvaro Pabesio just released a concept design for the upcoming iPad Pro 3. His concept included his clear vision of the product. Among these are rounded display corners similar to the current iPhone X, Face ID technology, a new multitasking option to pull up iPhone applications, and more. Just so you know, he shared a slick design before for the macOS 11.

In terms of specifications, in the concept, the upcoming iPad Pro 3 or iPad Pro 2018 will feature an 11.9-inch display. This display still fits well in the current 10.5-inch iPad Pro tablet. The Home button has a minimal bezel to give a uniform look around the device. There is no notch anymore. Removing the Home Button will possibly happen for this device since the tech giant Apple has already got rid of this for the current iPhone X. The three 2018 iPhones are also set to not have it either.

Others suggest in shrinking the overall form of the device. Previous renders showed an almost full-screen iPad Pro 3. This new concept will likely the most beautiful and fleshed out to date. The rear seems to have a glass enclosure. This might be a touch darker than the current iPhone X space gray. A multitasking feature is also very slickly added to bring floating iPhone apps to the table via Continuity.

In the photography department, the dual 12-megapixel cameras on the back will offer Portrait Mode to the iPad for the very first time. A second-generation True Depth camera will bring upgraded capabilities as Pabesio visualized. It will come with horizontal recognition, recognition for four various faces, and greater range.

What are your thoughts on the latest concept design for the iPad Pro 3 or iPad Pro 2018? Share them by writing in the comment section below.

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