iPad Pro 2018 Lineup To Feature Slimmer Bezels Without Headphone Jack

Daphne Planca
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The tech giant Apple will most likely launch the new models under the iPad Pro 2018 lineup at the end this year. Avid fans could hardly wait since the launch will be included in the 2018 series of the iPad Pro. These upgraded models, including iPad Pro 3, could go through immense changes.

According to Forbes, the Japanese blog site Mac Otakara posted a supplier report that reveals some important details about the upcoming iPad Pro 2018 lineup or widely known as iPad Pro 3. In the latest scoop, the security system will switch from Touch ID to Face ID, which is the same as the current iPhone X. If so, the Face ID can save space and unify the user interface between devices.

In terms of shrinking dimensions, the 10.5-inch tablet will be trimmed to 247.5 millimeters tall, 178.7 millimeters wide, and 6 millimeters thick. Then, the 12.9-inch model will measure down to 280 millimeters tall, 215 millimeters wide, and 6.4 millimeters thick. The slimmer bezels at the top and bottom are good enough to surround the Face ID area at the top and the display controller at the bottom.

iPad Pro 3

Credit-Álvaro Pabesio

The edge of the upcoming iPad Pro 3 and other iPad Pro lineup might have a diamond-cut like the current iPhone SE. Since the upcoming tablets are going to be too thin to house accessories, the headphone jack will have to be put into a sacrifice and drop it off. This could be possible as well because the company is already planning on a wireless future for their gadgets.

Usually, an iPad is in landscape orientation when paired with keyboards. Then, the Face ID will not function in this position. So, to solve this problem, the Smart Connector will be at the bottom, near the Lightning connector, not anymore on the left edge of the tablet. This feature can connect to the Smart Keyboard at the base of the tablet in a portrait or vertical orientation only.

iPad Pro 3

Credit- 9to5Mac

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