iPad Pro 2018 Will Come In October And Packed With An Apple A12X Bionic Processor

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With the iPad Pro 2018 (aka iPad Pro 3) highly expected to come this year, there have been a number of reports regarding its specs, features and release dates in the past few months. This time around, reports are suggesting that it could be launched next month and it could be armed with an Apple A12X Bionic processor.

Coming Next Month?

Initially, the iPad Pro 2018 was expected to be released in June as its predecessor was announced and released on June of 2017. It was then expected to be released in September, but so far there hasn’t been any release.

As of now, reports are suggesting that it could be next month as Apple has held events in October in the past – 2012, 2013, 2014 and 2016. But if October comes and there’s still no sign of the tablet, then perhaps it could be in November or December. Or worse, it could be next year.

The Processor

Based on initial reports, it was widely speculated that the iPad Pro 2018 (iPad Pro 3) will be packed with A11X Fusion chip. Why? Well, this is because the 2017 models were packed with an A10X Fusion chip which is an upgraded variant of the A10 Fusion found on the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus which were launched in 2016.  So with this in mind, the 2018 Apple tablet was expected to be armed with the A11X Fusion chip which is an upgraded version of the A11 Bionic featured on the iPhone X released in 2017.

However, according to a recent report, a notable leaker who goes by the name “Longhorn” has reportedly leaked the internal name of the processor for the iPad Pro 2018 which is T8027. What’s quite interesting about this T8027 is that it is the internal name of the A12X Bionic processor.

When do you think the iPad Pro 2018 (iPad Pro 3) will be released? Also, what can you say about it featuring the A12X Bionic instead of the A11X Fusion? Tell us in the comment section below.

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