iPad Pro 3/ iPad Pro 2018: Release Date, Specs, Features, And More

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In Apple’s March event, we were provided with a preview of what’s to come for the iPad series. However, this case is isolated to the more affordable version of the device, which Apple markets towards students and teachers. What we have yet to see or hear about is Apple’s rumored new offering in the iPad Pro series, which is tagged as the iPad Pro 3.

In this write-up, we roundup everything there is to know about the upcoming iPad Pro 3. From release details to hardware down to features and price, we’ve got every angle covered so, just stay put and keep on reading.

iPad Pro 3 Release Date

According to recent developments, there’s a big possibility that the new iPad will see an unveiling during WWDC 2018. Judging from Apple’s most recent iPad unveiling, which is last year, it’s fairly safe to assume that it will do the same with the iPad Pro 3.

As reported by Apple Insider, Rosenblatt Securities analyst Jun Zhang supports this time frame of release, sharing that Apple is indeed gearing up for a device outing this WWDC 2018, which will see the arrival of an iPad Pro with FaceID capabilities. Bloomberg’s estimates also corroborate the timeline, which was confirmed by an inside source.

iPad Pro 3 Specifications

As with every new product iteration, Apple always makes sure to pack in performance and processing improvements. That’s why fans should expect nothing but a fast and fluid experience when it comes to the iPad Pro 3 that is the tech giant’s flagship tablet roster.

According to IT World, it’s possible for the new model to sport a revamped version of the A11 (A11X) chip seeing as the last three editions of the tablet were powered by a similarly modified chip, the A10X fusion chip. They add that with the iPhone x currently in possession of the A11 chip, it’s not unusual for the Cupertino-based tech innovator to make do with what’s at hand, albeit a little more optimized.

Features and Design

In terms of design and features, Apple is said to take aesthetic inspiration from the iPhone X, which is the epitome of their current technological prowess. Reports say that the new iPad Pro will come with an all-screen display with narrower bezels and forego the home button. On top of this, the handset is also set to receive the controversial notch, which houses the new FaceID TrueDepth camera sensor said to become a standard feature in all future product releases.With this being the case, users will be able to utilize the Animoji feature currently employed on the iPhone X.

iPad Pro 2018 Price

With all these premium features and specifications, we can certainly expect the new iPad Pro 3 to cause quite a big hole in the money department. The current iPad Pros start at $700 to $1300, taking this into account, fans and consumers should expect the new iPad Pro 2018 to value starting $800 to $1,500, which is mostly dictated by storage capacity.

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