iPad Mini 5: Is It Happening or Not? Everything You Need to Know

Jasper Valdez
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Have you ever wondered what happened to the iPad mini lineup? If you do then, that’s something we both have in common. Ever since the iPad Mini 4’s release two years ago, news about the succeeding device, the iPad Mini 5, has been scarce or rather there’s none at all. This lead many to believe (including us) that Apple may have already retired the product line, which, at one point, reigned over other iPad editions – conquering the number one spot in terms of unit sales.

But despite the shortage of details, we still hope that Apple hasn’t given up on the lineup. Now, bearing this in mind, we’ve gathered every new update we could come across about the elusive device. Aside from this, we’ve also created a list of  things we want to see onboard the iPad Mini 5. If you’re ready, scroll down to read!

iPad Mini 5 Release Date

As you all know now, there isn’t much to rely on when it comes to the release of the iPad Mini 5 -even its existence is still being debated up to now. However, seeing as the Mini roster once held a notable place in Apple’s best-selling devices, it’s safe to assume that there’s still a chance for the product to see the light of day.

The last update we came across regarding the iPad Mini 5 was back in 2017. As reported by 9to5mac, a UK retailer included the mini tablet in their inventory complete with price marks. The product was also said to be making an appearance on WWDC 2017, but no iPad Mini 5 was shown or unveiled.

Although the possibility of the iPad Mini 5 clearly exists, KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo says otherwise. He believes that the iPad Mini has failed to rake in sales and most importantly, it has been overtaken by the new 9.7 inch iPad model, who sports a bigger screen display at a lesser price. This only means one thing for the product line – a place inside Apple’s retirement box.

With this being the case, we’re still pretty unsure whether the iPad Mini 5 is going to see a release or if it’s going to debut at all. However, we’re still crossing our fingers and hoping that Apple is listening in.

Design and Features

If the iPad Mini 5 does exist, we expect the new version to come with an updated design aesthetic and new features. First on this list is probably the adoption of a thinner and sleeker form factor, which could be possible if Apple chooses to go aluminum for the body.  Another one could be the integration of a new screen display partnered with smaller bezels. Other than this, we can’t think of anything more as Apple isn’t known to radically redesign their existing lineups.

In terms of features, we expect the new device to come with the new FaceID feature – introduced in the iPhone X. In addition to this, the iPad Mini 5 could also come with an improved camera setup and, of course, Apple Pencil support.


When it comes to specifications, we don’t want to overdo it so, we believe that Apple will dampen the internals a little in order to still fit through the affordable price range. We see Apple doing this by employing an A9 chip inside the iPad Mini 5 – not too strong but still decent enough.

Battery-wise, the iPad Mini 5 will probably be incorporated with a smaller power pack than its predecessor the iPad Mini 4. This is largely due to the fact that the iPad Mini 5 will sport a thinner overall look, in line with the device revamp we’ve been seeing from Apple lately. For storage capacity, we definitely foresee Apple ramping up the options – the same thing it did with its current iPad lineup offered at 64GB, 256GB and 512GB.

As always, we advise our readers to take our conjectures with a grain of salt, it’s also necessary to note that Apple has not been vocal about the iPad Mini’s faith so, it’s existence is still pretty much up for debate.

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