iOS 12 Wishlist: Everything We Want To See Change In The Next Apple Update

Jasper Valdez
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Now that iOS 12 is in the works, it seems pretty appropriate for us to give Apple some pointers to improve on when it comes to the next firmware update. Not that previous versions weren’t up to par, we just really think that Apple could put emphasis on things that we see are essential to delivering a much more holistic user experience for device owners.

In light of this, we’ve put together a list of features and changes we want to see in upcoming iOS 12. So, just sit back and relax!

A Layout Overhaul

If you remember, the only time that Apple changed things up with design elements on its iOS firmware was when the software was from transitioning from iOS 6 to iOS 7, which brought us a much more minimalistic feel of the operating system. However, despite the big changes, it felt like the venture was a little bit rushed. The only time we really got to appreciate the new aesthetics was when iOS 8 arrived, which pretty much solidified the whole concept Apple was going for and put it in the right order.

This time around, we expect Apple to somewhat change things up in the interface department, seeing as it’s already been five years and the cycle of 6 is again repeating with iOS 12. While we don’t expect a major makeover, we think it’s necessary to liven things up so as to not put the operating system into a stagnant state.

The Inclusion of Dark Mode

iOS 12 will primarily be made to accommodate Apple’s newest device, the iPhone X. As we all know, the iPhone x is Apple’s first-ever device to sport an AMOLED screen. One thing that AMOLED screens are known for is its tendency to draw in more power compared to other screens, reducing the phone’s battery significantly.

Taking this into account, it’s really necessary for Apple to devise a way to counteract this particular circumstance seeing as their batteries are not known for its performance and longevity. Luckily, they don’t have to look that further as Android devices have long had the answer – Dark Mode. The only thing that Apple needs to do now is to find a way to adopt the feature into the iPhone X and put their signature Apple spin on it while they’re at it.

A Smarter Siri

Although Siri is at the top when it comes to handy AI assistants, it still needs much tuning up on the listening and response department. In fact, in the latest survey on the iPhone X, Siri was ranked first on the least satisfying features on the phone.

We know that Apple will totally not settle for this being the case. That’s why we expect Siri to come with a lot of enhancements and improvements -primarily on its core function – when iOS 12 drops. Aside from this, we predict that Apple will also push Siri for a more consistent performance all around – from the Apple Watch to the HomePod, and to other products who support it.

Notification Center Redesign

Out of all the features on the iPhone, the Notification Center is probably the one that remained unchanged fundamentally through the years. Up to now, the space of notifications is just a convoluted mess of varying apps alerts.

With this in mind, it’s probably the wisest for Apple to finally take the Notification Center to a whole new level through the iOS 12. To answer the dilemma of this mess, Apple could choose to group alerts or notifications according to specific applications. This way, the Notification Center remains organized despite the abundance of notifications.

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