iOS 12 vs iOS 11: Comparing Apple’s Latest Mobile Operating Systems

Yves Amodia
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Apple just announced a new OS for the iPad and the iPhone. Given the notoriously difficult process to revert to early OS versions in Apple devices, iPad and iPhone users are hesitant whether it would be a good decision to upgrade. We compare some features of both the iOS 11 and iOS 12 to help you decide for yourself.


One of the biggest advantages of upgrading to the iOS 12 is the faster processing. Apple invested a lot of money in improving the processor performance without compromising on the battery life. As an example, an iPhone 6 Plus that uses iOS 12 will be 40 percent faster than that of the same device with iOS 11.


With competition from Amazon’s voice assistant Alexa, Apple added a major feature that iOS users will like for the new system’s Siri. The new Siri will enable users to create shortcuts that will make things more efficient for users.

Augmented reality

While the exciting augmented reality app Measure already appeared in the iOS 11, the iOS 12 will be the first iOS generation to feature the app upon its release, according to Appleosophy.  Developers and designers will also be able to share AR experience using the new file format USDZ.


The Photos feature of the iOS 12 will be more powerful than its predecessor. It will be more proactive in suggesting people that users can share pictures with. Object searches will also be broader as there will be more categories.


Fans of Animojis will be delighted with the upgrade it will receive for the iOS 12. It lets you create your own set called Memoji. You can still also utilize the premade Animojis.

The iOS 12 will be released to iPhone and iPad users starting September. Its beta version will come way sooner than that month, however, so developers can check it out.

Are you planning to update to the iOS 12? Which feature are you most excited about? Send us your thoughts in the comments section.

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