iOS 12: Release Date And Features

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When the iOS 12 was first unveiled, it was received with mixed reviews. Some were a bit disappointed, some were impressed and others were just indifferent towards it. But still, regardless of how one feels about it, there’s no denying that the new OS does have some interesting features – both new and updated.

The Release Date

Its developer beta version was released back on June 4, while its public beta version was later released on June 15. As for the final version, reports suggest that it will be released in September.

The Performance

It was reported that the iOS 12 focuses more on reliability, performance, and will support all iPhone and iPad models that the iOS 11 worked with. Performance wise, Apple noted the iPhone 6S saying that with the upcoming OS, it made the device 40% faster in launching apps and 70% faster in launching its camera app.

The Camera App

Speaking of the camera app, the default camera app will get tweaked on the new OS. The features are:

  • Portrait Lighting mode on newer iPhones with the dual-lens camera will look more natural
  • It will allow third-party apps to use the software in separating the foreground and background
  • QR code reading will be automatic

The Photo App

In order to compete with Google Photos, Apple’s Photo app is getting some new updates. It now has better search capabilities, a new “For you” tab filled with personalized suggestions on how to improve and share pictures, and a share back suggestion.

The Apple Watch 4 & iPhone X

According to an iOS 12 developer, Apple is readying an Apple Watch 4. It will have two versions: LTE and non-LTE.

As for the 2017 iPhone X, the “issues” that people didn’t like with its iOS 11 will be gone. With the new OS, closing apps will be easier, and there won’t be any unwanted screenshots whenever the user picks up the phone while accidentally pressing the volume up and power button.

The Compatibility

The new iOS 12 will be compatible with devices that are packed with a 64-bit chipset which was first introduced in 2013. For the iPhone models, this begins with the iPhone 5S. Meanwhile, for the iPad models, it begins with the iPad Mini 2 and iPad Air.

The iPad

Thanks to the new OS, iPads will be switching to iPhone-like gestures. The gestures include:

  • Swiping up from the bottom which will let the user return home
  • Pulling down from the right-hand corner to check the Control Center

The ARKit 2

When it comes to augmented reality (AR), the new OS will be featuring groundbreaking multiplayer capabilities that Apple calls Shared Experience in ARKit 2. The company even presented a demo back at the WWDC 2018.

Pinpoints 911 In The US

The new Apple OS will automatically and securely share you iPhone location when calling 911 in the US. Whether this feature will also be featured in other countries, it’s unclear.


Siri is also getting some new features. Users will now be able to assign phrases to perform certain tasks like finding your car keys (rings your Tile tracker), send ETA notifications, set thermostat and fan, shows you the faster route through Apple Maps, and many more.

Furthermore, Siri can now translate into over 40 languages. The A.I. assistant can also learn motorsport scores where it can tell you live standings, schedule, roster and stat info. Aside from motorsports, its food knowledge and celebrity facts have been updated.

Lastly, the A.I. assistant is now capable of password hunting. It can search saved passwords on both apps and websites.

Other Features

In regards to its apps, Apple News will be featuring Browse tab and a sidebar for better navigation. Its Stocks app will be getting an update, complete with charts and Apple news headline integrated into stocks.

Voice Memos will be coming to iPad and will get iCloud support. Apple Books is now named as iBooks. CarPlay will support third-party apps.

It will support group notifications. Basically, it binds together notifications by message threads and topics. With this, users will be able to view everything at a glance.

Its Animoji now has tongue and wink detection. Aside from that, 4 new Animoji masks have been added: Ghost, Koala, Tiger, and T-Rex. There’s also the new Memoji which according to Apple, is a customized mask that looks like the real you.

Another group feature is the Group FaceTime with up to 32 participants. Here, people can drop in and drop out any time. Users will also be able to use Animoji and Memoji.

So what do you think about these iOS 12 features? Also, do you think that its final version will be released in September? Do tell us in the comment section below.

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