iOS 12 Jailbreak To Arrive Soon As Yalu Jailbreak Developer Luca Todesco Released iOS 12 Beta 12 Hack

Maricris Jose
4:06 PM

Many jailbreak enthusiasts are looking forward to the iOS 12 jailbreak toolkit’s release. Luckily, it appears that the progress towards its launch is moving fast because the Yalu jailbreak developer Luca Todesco has released an iOS 12 Beta 12 hack.

iOS 12 Beta 12 Hack Details

According to Redmond Pie, Todesco has posted into his social media account to showcase what he’s calling an “iOS 12 b12 full chain demo”. It is worth mentioning that in case you are just an average device owner who is just fascinated in a jailbreak but don’t have the expertize or technical training, this latest demonstration might possible be somewhat misleading. The reason behind is that this demonstration by Todesco doesn’t show the iOS device being totally jailbroken or running an application like the Cydia.

Aside from that, the said demo also doesn’t show the device connected to a debugger like most jailbreak developers do when they wanted to verify that they have accomplished some sort of root access on the device. As an alternative, the supplementary video displays a somewhat innocent looking procedure which results in the native Messages application being commandeered to show a custom alert inoculated by Todesco into the system.

Nonetheless, it is undeniable that this discovery could be beneficial and useful in a future iOS 12 jailbreak. But at this point, it’s fascinating to see that Todesco was able to exploit iOS 12 beta 12 by turning off Wi-Fi and cellular completely and through hooking up a USB-Ethernet adapter connected to the iOS device over a camera connection kit that Todesco calls “security reasons.”

The supplementary 25-second video also shows what seems to be a standard iOS installation; save for the addition of a new “Ethernet” selection in Settings. It also shows a custom error message having the title “Hacked” and then the name of the jailbreak developer.

To be able to accomplish this, Todesco has spun together a WebKit+Sandbox+Kernel-level hack. This has compromised the system and offered him the control over what is and isn’t possible. However, this is certainly not sufficient to create a full iOS 12 jailbreak but is certainly a positive from that viewpoint. When this discovery is incorporated with Simon Ferrini findings, this could mean that the jailbreak community is in a very positive position. With that, it is somewhat safe to assume that iOS 12 jailbreak is still possible.

Be Cautious Of Fake iOS 12 Jailbreaks

iPhoneHacks has learned that the jailbreak enthusiasts and the community are targeted by fake jailbreaks. As a matter of fact, there are already articles and YouTube videos claiming that iOS can now be jailbroken. At this point, any website that’s claiming to have an iOS 12 jailbreak toolkit is a scam. It is also advised that you stay away from such tools as they can also possibly install malware on your iOS device. In case there is already a publicly released iOS 12 jailbreak, it will be accessible for free, and we’ll surely let you know about it.

With these developments in the iOS 12 jailbreak, it is hoped that we’ll be able to see the public release of the toolkit soon. But up until that moment comes, jailbreak enthusiasts are cautioned to be careful on fake jailbreaks.

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