iOS 12 Jailbreak Tool Possible Soon: Electra Team Member

Ronald Balondo
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The public beta version of the iOS 12 was just recently released by Apple and now the talks for jailbreaking the new version is now on the works. An Electra member and contributor recently posted a message on Twitter suggesting the possibility of the iOS 12 jailbreak tool.

Since the iOS 12 is still in the beta state, there are still lots of hurdles that can happen, especially the stable version of the new OS is still not yet released. This didn’t stop the many jailbreaking contributors to leap ahead and start eyeing for a future project.

Initially introduced by Apple in the recent WWDC 2018 last June, the company is scheduled to release the stable version of the iOS 12 by next month. This means that the real work of cracking and finding the loopholes in the new iOS 12 will act as a foundation for the new iOS 12 Jailbreak Tool and will start once the company provided the stable build for the public.

The sight of having a jailbreak version right after a huge software release is less likely to happen. However, with the current wonders that a modern jailbreaker brings to the table, it is possible that we can expect the new iOS 12 Jailbreak sooner rather than later.

Electra team member, NullPixel, posted on Twitter that “There will be a Jailbreak for a signed iOS 12 version. Not 100% confident but pretty sure.” He also stated in a joking manner that “Don’t quote me if it doesn’t happen.” The statement made by nullpixel didn’t confirm if the Electra Team is currently working on a new Jailbreak for the iOS 12. However, we can safe to say that they have an idea on how to manage things one iOS 12 hit the road.

For now, just stay put and we’ll keep an eye on the new developments around the jailbreaking community. Since there is no current work for the iOS 12 Jailbreak yet, it is strongly suggested that to keep the current version of your iOS device especially if your devices are already jailbroken.

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