Jailbreaking Now Tougher Due To iOS 12; Nullpixel Explains Why

Maricris Jose
2:25 PM

A well-known jailbreak developer Nullpixel under the Twitter username @nullriver has provided insights about some of the changes that Apple has made with its upcoming iOS 12 platform. In his tweet, he stated how it could possibly be harder for the security researchers to create an iOS 12 jailbreak.

According to Redmond Pie, with the updates provided by some prominent persons in the jailbreak community, many are now thinking that there’s still a possibility to create an iOS 12 jailbreak. Many are expecting that it will become available not long after the iOS 12 hits the public domain.

Though this might still be the case, the latest tweet from @nullriver shows the possible difficulties that a jailbreak developer would have to overcome to be able to create an iOS 12 jailbreak. The developer’s first tweet emphasized a few things that will make “jailbreaking tougher” as far as the iOS 12 is concerned:

– introduction of CoreTrust: this checks that all signatures come from Apple, supposedly stopping fake signing like ldid does

– vm_map_exec_lockdown: some form of userland ktrr, coming w/ the A12 (probably, unconfirmed)

After the first tweet, it was then followed up with another one that offers a little more understanding of the discoveries. It also contains the warning that none of the problems are showstoppers but then more examination and investigation will be required:

– symbols are completely stripped in the iOS 12 kernelcache, will make patchfinders harder to make

None of these are show stoppers, however, but we’re gonna need to play with it to see how it’s all implemented. Doesn’t seem anything too drastic yet.

Though it seems to be sad news; the jailbreak enthusiasts are still advised not to be disheartened at this point. This is because the information offered by Nullpixel is still unsure and must be taken with skepticism up until further examination is provided.

As of now, these are the current information about the possibility of an iOS 12 jailbreak. As soon as thee examinations were done and a new update has surfaced we’ll surely keep you posted. Stay tuned!

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