iOS 12 Jailbreak: Ian Beer Publishes iOS 12 to iOS 12.1.2 Kernel Exploit

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Gather around, jailbreak fans, we’ve got some interesting news for you all. It’s about a possible iOS 12 jailbreak release in the future. Ian Beer, a prominent figure in the jailbreak community, released an iOS 12 to 12.1.2 Kernel exploit.

The Kernel Exploit

The latest information published by Beer of Google’s Project Zero team is applicable for up to iOS 12.1.2 and macOS 10.14.2, and exploits a kernel heap overflow bug inPF_KEY due to lack of bounds checking when retrieving statistics. Regarding the exploit, Beer notes that he was inspired by Ned Williamson’s fuzzer which convinced him to take a look at the netkey code.

Will This Be Lead To An iOS 12 Jailbreak?

The exploit published by Beer makes things easier and raises the hope for an iOS 12 Jailbreak release. When will that happen? That we don’t know but we’re hoping soon.

The Incomplete iOS 12 Jailbreak

Speaking of iOS 12 jailbreak releases, last week, GeoSn0w (@FCE365), another prominent figure in the jailbreak community, released an incomplete iOS 12 jailbreak dubbed asOsirisJailbreak12”. The said jailbreak tool supports iOS 12 to iOS 12.1.2.

On its GitHub page, GeoSnow credited Jonathan Levin for Qilin and his books, Brandon Azad for the tfp0 exploit, and Xerub(?) Patchfinder64. He noted that the OsirisJailbreak12 for now only “runs the exploit, gets tfp0, gets ROOT, escapes the SandBox, writes a test file to prove the sandbox was escaped then resprings.” In addition to that, those who are interested in using it are free to build on top it of it as long as they respect the GPLv3 license.

Moreover, older 4k devices are not supported. And lastly, in order to compile the app, the user will need to add qilin.o which can be downloaded on this link.

Do you think Ian Beer’s exploit will lead to an iOS 12 jailbreak release? If yes, when? Tell us in the comment section below.



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