In case you are one of those who is waiting for the release of an iOS 12 jailbreak, you have something to celebrate now. The main reason for the celebration is that Luca Todesco already has the iOS 12 final ‘pwned’ and aside from that, the Ali Security has posted a demo of the untethered jailbreak toolkit.

Luca Todesco’s iOS 12 Final ‘Pwned’ Details

According to Redmond Pie, the security researcher and Italian developer Luca Todesco has posted on his Twitter account confirming that he has “pwned” iOS 12 final. Nonetheless, his tweet didn’t include much detail other than the gratification that he was able to pwn iOS 12 final on the first day of it is accessible in the public domain.

It is also worth mentioning that Todesco, similar to many other security researchers, has been playing with the iOS 12 beta and GM searching for the vulnerabilities to be able to exploit the platform. Prior to Cupertino-based company rolling out the final version of iOS 12 he had posted a video demonstration of him hacking the said platform.

Moreover, the tweet also established that he didn’t have to alter a single line of code in his former project to be able to pwn the final version of iOS 12. In case this is accurate, it suggests that Apple hasn’t made any under-the-chassis changes, modification, or security improvements to the platform as it transfers from iOS 12 beta 12 going to the Golden Master Seed. As all of the Apple fans know, it is the same build that was released to the public for all compatible iOS devices.

When scanning and reading the comments on Todesco’s tweet, it can be perceived that the Italian developer plans to put one more demo video together but he is still waiting for the arrival of iPhone XS to be able to do so. It’s possible that this video demonstration will be precisely the same as the one he formerly released, excluding the build number of the installed firmware version.

In addition, the “when jailbreak” and “jailbreak eta bro” tweets and responses have already begun spamming Todesco’s timeline. It can be recalled that Luca has formerly shown good form as to developing and releasing a jailbreak toolkit, with Yalu and Yalu102 being distinguished contributions to the liberation cause. Nevertheless, as things stand, his intentions this time isn’t known yet, so the jailbreak community still has to wait for further announcements.

Ali Security iOS 12 Untethered Jailbreak Demo Info

In separate news, it has been confirmed that the security researchers at Alibaba’s Pandora Labs were able to jailbreak iOS 12 public release. The team utilizes the Pandora app to jailbreak iOS 12 and it appears that this is an untethered jailbreak. With that being said, users don’t need to use the jailbreak IPA to re-jailbreak their iOS device after it has been restarted.

Nonetheless, Alibaba Pandora Labs’security researchers are unlikely to release an iOS 12 jailbreak tool as the team is doing it chiefly for security purposes. Despite that this is disappointing; the good side of it is that the final release of iOS 12 can be jailbroken. With that let’s keep our fingers crossed that hackers like Coolstar can also discover them to roll out an Electra Jailbreak for iOS 12 publicly.

As of now, these are the known details about the iOS 12 jailbreak. Always stay tuned as we’ll surely keep you updated.