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We all know that it’s only a matter of time until Apple unveils the next firmware version for their beloved mobile lineup, the iOS 12. With this, people can’t help but wonder what the next edition will look and feel like. This is why many of us turn towards leaks, rumors, and speculations for updates, albeit there’s no assurance it’s still better than nothing I suppose.

In light of this overwhelming anticipation and interest, we’ve gathered everything there is to know about the new operating system. From features to launch date, we tried our best to leave nothing out. If you’re ready for all of it, just scroll down and take it all in!

Release Date

Though the new iOS 12 software is slated to make a debut at Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC 2018) dated this June, it’s still going to take a couple of months before it finally arrives publicly. According to MacWorld, Apple isn’t one to break traditions that’s why it’s likely that the update will drop sometime in September – a period which they always use to introduce their new firmware.

They add that before dropping wholly, iOS 12 will first drop as a series of beta versions – with developers on the top of the list. After this, a public beta testing phase will commence and shortly, the full firmware will drop officially to all supported devices.


As with anything brand new, the Cupertino-based tech giant is expected to drop some amazing new features on its latest firmware update. However, Apple, hearsays indicate, has chosen to forego a lot of features set to appear on iOS 12, citing security, stability, and performance as the core focus of the newest system. Although this is the case, Apple is still coming out with a handful of new attributes that’s sure to quell your doubts about iOS 12.

AirPlay 2

First on the list is definitely AirPlay 2. It was scheduled to drop on the latest iOS 11.3 update but Apple scratched the idea last minute, which led people to believe that it will surely appear on iOS 12. We think that this would probably be the case as Apple plans on adding appeal to their smart speaker, the HomePod. AirPlay 2 will play a fundamental role in this by providing the Apple speaker with a multi-room audio support -a feature that can potentially make the HomePod more eye-catching.

Enhanced Augmented Reality Support

The first time we saw AR in one of Apple’s products is through the iPhone X and ever since then, the new feature started gaining popularity in the public eye – especially with the wacky Animoji application. With this being the case, it’s safe to assume that we’ll be seeing various improvements come iOS 12 not only on the AR integration inside the iPhone X device but also for developers -through the Apple ARkit.

macOS and iOS App Integration

Probably one of the most talked about features set to drop on iOS 12 is the integration of iOS and macOS applications. As reported by Axios, Apple plans to make both platforms support cross-app availability – which will enable users to use macOs apps on iOS and vice versa. With this, developers will also be able to expand their reach from iOS to Mac.

However, Apple CEO Tim Cook has shared that he isn’t too keen on the idea. In an interview with Sydney Morning Herald after the March Educational function, Cook expressed that he doesn’t see the merger as a positive move for both the macOS and the iOS. He said that it would only water down the functionality of the devices. Apart from this, he also firmly stated his belief that mobile devices and computer should remain separate entities – a situation, he says, users will prefer.

Improved Shazam Support

As we all know, Apple only ever makes use of their own products – a great example of this would probably be Apple Music. However, we think that all of that will change with the arrival of iOS 12. If you remember, Apple just acquired Shazam – an application popularly used for identifying music and televisions shows. With this, we think that Apple will surely be improving on Shazam’s integration with their devices and that will obviously be through iOS 12.

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