iOS 12: Eight Features For New OS Version Of iPhone X2, iPhone X Plus

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As Apple appears to bring the iOS 12 to its iPhones, it is becoming apparent that we will be seeing revolutionary changes to the Apple smartphone experience. The iPhone X Plus, the iPhone X2, and other upcoming releases will get the twelfth major release in Apple’s famed mobile operating system.

Reported iOS 12 features

Pretty much all we know about the iOS 12 at this point is speculation as Apple is being incredibly secretive about its development. These are eight features that have been reported to have a big chance to come in the next iOS version:

Improved functionalities in the Photos app

Search suggestions and face detection are among the upgrades that we will see in the Photos app. A “For You” tab also shows you photos you take on the same day in the past years.

Great compatibility with older devices

One of the complaints in the iOS 11 is its slow performance on older devices. The next iOS will be 40 percent faster on devices like the iPhone 6S.

More powerful Siri

Siri Shortcuts help you make if-then commands. Siri is also becoming more proactive.

Major performance boosts

With the iOS 12 that may come with the iPhone X Plus and iPhone X2, taking photos could be faster by 70 percent. This will help conserve battery life.

Better augmented reality

Augmented reality is one trend that is on the rise of smartphones. The next iOS will have features like the ARKit 2 that will make AR experiences more immersive.

Measure app

A new app called Measure will help you know the distance and length by the use of augmented reality. This can detect the size of photos and other images.

Overhaul in Stocks app

There will be major improvements in the Stocks app. You will be able to keep track of them better.

Support for third-party navigation apps

For the first time ever, an iOS version is offering support for navigation apps like Waze and Google Maps. This will be helpful for cars that have Apple CarPlay.

Newest beta versions

In related iOS news, the iOS 12 beta 10 and public beta 9 have arrived, according to BGR. The newest beta builds come just three days after its direct predecessors, which means the release of the final version is nearing.

As a warning to those who are planning to install the beta versions, Apple reminded users to not use it on devices that are daily drivers. This is so that there will be no stability and security issues.

The twelfth major version of the iOS was officially announced on Monday, June 4, during the company’s WWDC keynote. The beta versions have already been released to beta users through the official, finished version will not come until next year. The next iOS version will be available for all devices currently running iOS 11, running until as early as the iPhone 5S.

Which of these reported iOS 12 features are you looking forward to using when it arrives in the updated version? Will this mean major improvements in the overall smartphone experience with the iPhone X2 and iPhone X Plus? Let us know below by posting comments.

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