RootlessJB 3.0 For iOS 12 - 12.1.2 Jailbreak Released By Jake James, A12 Support Coming Soon

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Great news to the jailbreak community! iOS, web and tweak developer Jake James (@Jakeshacks) released a jailbreak tool to which he calls as RootlessJB 3.0. It is offered as developer-only jailbreak support for limited devices.

The Announcement

Over the weekend, James announced via Twitter the release of the RootlessJB 3.0. The latest tool offers initial support for A9, A10 and A11 devices running iOS 12.0 to iOS 12.1.2.

As you can see from the tweet made by James, the RootlessJB 3.0 doesn’t have tweaks and code injection yet. In addition to that, it spawns SHH via dropbear.

You should know that this isn’t a standard jailbreak being offered into the public domain as it doesn’t offer package manager installation in the form of Cydia or Sileo and requires items to be installed to the device via SSH via dropbear. On another article, they warned that the RootlessJB 3.0 isn’t intended for everyone unless you’re a developer and advises it’s best to probably wait until a standard jailbreak tool is released for the iOS 12 firmware.

What About A12 Devices?

To the jailbreakers waiting for A12 support, James promised that it will soon support it in the future and he’s working on it. And once there’s an exploit, support for devices with A7 and A8 will come as well.

The “Current” Status Of The RootlessJB 3.0

James has tweeted a series of updates regarding the RootlessJB 3.0 since its releases. Please do note that we, 7Buzz, are no experts in iOS hacking so we will only provide superficial updates.

Just a couple of hours ago, James tweeted an update regarding the current capabilities of the RootlessJB 3.0. It is now capable of:

In addition to that, he also retweeted a 20-second video by Sammy Guichelaar (@SammyGuichelaar) showcasing his success with the Rootless JB.

Guichelaar notes that it is a special private test build of RootlessJB which doesn’t have UI elements.

What are your thoughts about the RootlessJB 3.0? Tell us in the comment section below.


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