iOS 12.1 Beta Release Points To The Coming iPad Pro 2018

Ronald Balondo
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Apple recently releases their iOS 12.1 beta and it showed a quick glimpse of what the new iPad Pro 2018 can do. The coding for this new operating system shows a great deal of utilizing the Face ID feature for landscape orientation.

Steve Troughton-Smith, the one who found out the coding for iOS 12.1 beta, made a post on Twitter about the information that he got. He later explained that “From what I gather, landscape Face ID would require a realignment of the front-facing sensors, so you won’t see it on existing hardware.” This might be a prime indicator that the new iPad Pro 3 or iPad Pro 2018 will be coming sooner than expected.

Another indicator that the iPad Pro 2018 is coming soon can be explained by the sensors being used in current iPads. iOS 12.1 need to use the TrueDepth camera system to support the landscape orientation. The current iPhones that have Face ID may also struggle and likely to not support the landscape ID but who knows? Probably, Apple might do something magical to get this available to some of the newer generation iPhones.

Apple’s September event went without any presence of the iPad Pro and any of the Apple line up except for the Apple Watch Series 4. The main focus of the event was the new iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max the so-called ‘budget Apple smartphone,’ the iPhone XR.

With this iOS 12.1 release, Apple might have accidentally leaked very confidential information that the company could use for the iPad Pro release. Also, the possibility of another major event from the company is greater now, since the feature was already divulged by Apple’s new beta OS.

This landscape orientation for the iPad Pro 3 is paired with the iOS 12.1 might bring something new to all iPad users. If proven true, users don’t need to flip the tablet just to unlock it. It would also be more efficient as some users paired their iPads with a Magic Keyboard.

For those who brought new devices, or if any of you remembered the initial setup of your Apple handheld devices, you should have seen the Setup app. It is basically an application that helps you set up your device. According to 9to5Mac, they found something interesting identifier for the new iPad.

The biggest takeaway they found on this was when they compared the previous version of the Setup app to the recent one. The previous version shows an identifier for the new iPhones while the updated one shows something for the new iPads.

All the pieces fit together, we might see new iPads before the year ends. Although we haven’t seen any iPad news from the recent September iPhone event, Apple might consider organizing another event for the iPad Pro.

As rumors suggest, we could see two iPad Pro 3 and iPad Pro 2018 this October. The first one features a larger display, almost an edge-to-edge screen with some powerful internals while the other one would be a smaller version with lower-high tier specs compared to its larger version.

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