iOS 12.1.2 Jailbreak Update: New Unc0ver v3.0.0 Beta 49 Released With Major Bug Fixes And Stability Improvements

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The jailbreak community has something to celebrate. Pwn20wnd and the team behind the unc0ver iOS 12.1.2 jailbreak have launched a new beta release taking the jailbreak utility to version 3.0.0 beta 49 (v3.0.0~b49). The update comes with some major bug fixes and with general stability improvements for iOS 11 – iOS 12.1.2.

The New Beta Release

A few days ago, Pwn20wnd announced via Twitter the release of Unc0ver v3.0.0 b49. The new update comes with bug fixes and stability improvements. This is great news for its users because in the past there were some issues experienced by its users such as rebooting and App crashing while using the device randomly with the previous version.

Here is the list of the changes made in the latest beta release:

  • Fix overnight reboots or system memory resets triggered by maintenance
  • Fix freezing under low-memory conditions on iOS 12
  • Fix freezing when loading tweaks or when securityd is being restarted on iOS 12
  • Fix a kernel memory leak
  • Fix a faulty sandbox patch
  • Store offsets in the live kernel memory
  • Optimize the code
  • Improve the success rate of machswap and machswap2
  • Don’t reboot after extracting bootstrap
  • Fix a bug in logging
  • Improve performance
  • Improve assertion
  • Update the APT lists cache file for repositories

With these new features, we recommend those who are using Unc0ver to update it to the latest version and also re-jailbreak their device to make sure that it comes with the latest stability improvements. This will give you a chance to see if the updates made on Unc0ver v3.0.0 Beta 49 does offer a more user-friendly experience.

On the other hand, to those who are interested in trying jailbreaking and hasn’t used this tool yet, we also recommend you to give it a try. However, please do note that jailbreaking can potentially destroy your device. So what jailbreakers usually do is that they use an extra device that’s for jailbreaking purposes only.

What are your thoughts about Unc0ver v3.0.0 Beta 49? Have you tried it? Are you interested in trying it? Tell us in the comment section below.

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