iOS 11 Tweaks (2018): 11 New and Free Jailbreak Tweaks To Make Your Life Easier

Jasper Valdez
7:24 PM

As we all know now, Electra jailbreak has finally penetrated iOS 11 and since its arrival, many tweaks are now going live specifically intended for devices sporting the current Apple OS update. If you’re interested in trying out the said tweaks then you’ve come to the right place. Here, we’ve rounded up all the new and trending jailbreak tweaks from the past week, just to satisfy your unending craving for all things that customize.

Color My Battery (Free)

Are you a fan of rainbows and other things colorful? If you answered ‘yes’ then this tweak might be the one you have been looking for. By installing Color My Battery, users can now change the color of their battery icon in increments of 10%. This means that you can have a different color for 90-100%, another hue for 70-80%, and the list goes on.

Boosted Wifi (Free)

If you’re concerned about networks which you connect on, then you should definitely try out Boosted Wifi. This particular tweak enables users to see more connections in their vicinity while also identifying its signal strength.

PercentageBatteryX (Free)

Tired of seeing an empty battery bar on your iPhone X? Then your best bet in combating this dilemma is PercentageBatteryX. This specific tweak allows users to place percentage numbers inside the battery icon.

NoNoRecentNotif (Free)

If you want to declutter your notification center, then NoNoRecentNotif is just the tweak to do the job. This tweak lets users remove the ‘No Older Notifications’ text from your Notification Center.

TrashFromLS (Free)

For those looking for a way to delete emails while on a locked device, TrashFromLS has got you covered. This tweak will allow you to swipe and delete electronic messages without the need of jotting down your password.

TWSaveDm (Free)

If you don’t want to miss anything on your Twitter direct messages, this tweak will be able to record everything for you. TWSaveDM enables users to automatically download any incoming media straight from the DM page to the camera roll which includes GIFS, images, and videos.

HazeStatusBar (Free)

If you’re a little bit concerned about the air quality surrounding you, then HazeStatusBar is just the tool you need. This specific tweak lets its users monitor the air quality near them and displays it on the Status Bar.

FastUnlockX (Free)

Are you still unimpressed with iPhone X’s fast FaceID feature? Now, if you answered yes to that question, we might have just the thing to get you out of that rut. FastUnlockX is a Cydia tweak which gives users a fasting unlocking time using the FaceID.

LockWatch (Free)

If you’re fond of the watch faces on the Apple Watch, then LockWatch is probably your kind of thing. This tweak perfectly recreates every watch face inside Apple’s WatchOS straight to your device’s lock screen.

NoLargeTitles (Free)

Are you starting to get annoyed by iOS 11’s large titles? If you answered a big yes to that question, then you’re probably in need of NoLargeTitles — a tweak that lets device owners disable iOS 11’s large banner titles system-wide.

EZSwipe (Free)

If you’re all about taking shortcuts, then your best bet in having a smooth-sailing device might be in the form of EZswipe. This particular tweak enables users to customize the swipe down gesture on a device’s home screen.

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