iOS 11.4 Jailbreak: Here’s What We Know So Far

Maricris Jose
4:24 PM

The iOS 11.3.1 Electra jailbreak wasn’t released for the public yet and the jailbreak community has been waiting for CoolStar to drop the toolkit. But despite that the Electra jailbreak update rollout isn’t known yet, many jailbreak enthusiasts are looking forward to the iOS 11.4 jailbreak.

There’s still no jailbreak group or enthusiast who claims to be working on a public iOS 11.4 jailbreak tool. Nonetheless, it’s evident that there have been significant events happening in the community suggesting that people are looking into the probability of liberating iOS 11.4. Moreover, the result of these events still remains to be seen but there’s certainly some positivity budding.

In case you’re not aware of the happenings in the jailbreak community, it has been confirmed that the iOS 11.4 Secure Enclave Processor (SEP) is well-matched with iOS 11.3.1. That directly means that iOS 11.4 has at best some likenesses with iOS 11.3.1.

It is also known that the iOS 11.4 can essentially be jailbroken. As a matter of fact, Richard Zhu, a security researcher, and a previous Pwn2Own champion has previously demonstrated Cydia functioning on an iOS 11.4 device. Whether that essentially turns into anything which can be launched for public use is another story.

In addition, the fairly well-known 360 Vulcan Team also took the chance during this year’s MOSEC 2018 in Shanghai. The team has exhibited a remote jailbreak compatible with the iOS 11.4 as well as iOS 12 beta.

As of now, these are the known details about the iOS 11.4. jailbreak. It is worth emphasizing that these are already great news since there’s really a possibility to bypass Apple’s security. Even though the above-mentioned individuals or teams may not release the iOS 11.4 jailbreak to the public, at least they were able to show that it’s really vulnerable. Also, it can only be a matter of time before somebody conveys a similar solution that everybody can enjoy.

Despite that the faith of the iOS 11.4 jailbreak tool is unknown, there’s still something to celebrate as the iOS 11.3.1 Electra jailbreak release is just around the corner. Always stay tuned as we’ll keep you updated about the happenings in the jailbreak community.

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