iOS 11.3 Jailbreak Update: Alibaba’s Min Zheng Gains Root Shell Access On iOS 11.3

Jasper Valdez
12:57 PM

When it comes to updates on jailbreak, Alibaba’s security researcher Min Zheng is always at the forefront of breaking news. It seems like this time around – the situation is still the same as Zheng again surprised the jailbreak community with a new update – access to iOS 11.3’s root shell.

As with his previous unveilings, Zheng chose to deliver the good news through his social media account similarly accompanied with an annotation and a screenshot. The particular post shows Zheng achieving root shell access on the current firmware, which the jailbreak community have been clamoring for since the update dropped to devices. Through the root shell access, software privileges have also been gained.

Before this particular development, Zheng has also released several details about iOS 11.3, specifically the existence of  0day bugs and kernel-level bug, which grants read or write access. Aside from this, he also related that he has already reached out to Apple in order to patch the bugs before a detailed write-up drops to the public.

This particular discovery will likely be in line with that endeavor, which will see Zheng work with Apple to apply fixes to the security bugs. Though some in the jailbreak community may see this as a good omen, it’s still unknown whether this new development will make it out to the public at all to help in furthering the creation of an official jailbreak tool.

Whatever this means for the development of the jailbreak tool, it’s still important to note that Zheng and his team are making progress, which implies that there are still a lot of holes inside iOS 11.3 that are waiting to be found. Jailbreak developers should put emphasis on these other undiscovered loopholes instead of relying on Zheng’s discoveries – as his aim obviously conflicts with the community’s.

Overall, it’s still interesting to see the progress Zheng and his team are making as it gives us hope that sooner or later an official tool will see the light of day. As of the moment, the only jailbreak tool available for users is the  Electra jailbreak developed by CoolStar and is intended for devices running iOS 11.0 through iOS 11.1.2.

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