Brandon Azad To Launch iOS 11.2.6 Userspace Exploit Which Can Lead To A Semi-Jailbreak

Maricris Jose
3:04 PM

It was in April Brandon Azad announced that he’s working on his so-called “userspace [sic] security research platform”. The said iOS 11.2.6 Userspace exploit seems to be a semi-jailbreak that will be applicable to iOS 11.2.6 and below.

Brandon Azad is similar to many other personalities who are involved in the security research aspect of the software. He also utilized his social media platform of choice to make some announcement about his discoveries. Recently he announced that he has put together a demonstration of his iOS 11.2.6 user-space security research work and that he is just waiting to perceive if it becomes accepted. Here’s what Azad posted:

“This is a userspace-only exploit (no kernel vulnerabilities), but still gets you a shell. I’m submitting a talk about this work to a security conference. When the exploit becomes public will depend on when the issue gets fixed and whether the talk is accepted.”

It’s indeed interesting to see the development in the jailbreak community. But then, it’s also worth pointing out that this work is definitely not enough to give the iOS device owners a full jailbreak similar to what they’re currently enjoying with the Electra jailbreak toolkit for earlier versions of the iOS 11.

At best, Azad’s work could possibly offer the jailbreak community something that’s similar to Houdini, which is categorized as a “semi-jailbreak.” It would let basic code injection procedures to occur but wouldn’t let full root to the handset or give the essential escape privileges to put together a full and efficient jailbreak for those who have the later versions of iOS.

As of now, there’s no word on which security session this talk has been submitted to or when it will transpire. Nonetheless, the sooner the demonstration gets accepted and presented, the faster we will have further information about the exploit which has been discovered by Azad.

What can you say about Azad’s iOS 11.2.6 Userspace Exploit? Can it be the source of iOS 11.2.6 jailbreak tool? Share your thoughts with us in the comment section.

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