iOS 11.2.5 / 11.2.x Jailbreak Current State, Step-By-Step iOS Downgrade Process Detailed

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The world of jailbreaking is really moving fast. In fact, ever since the LiberiOS and Electra jailbreak toolkits were released, a lot of jailbreak enthusiasts are looking forward to iOS 11.2.5/11.2.x jailbreak tool rolls out. With that, here’s the current status of the much-anticipated tool.

iOS 11.2.5 / 11.2.x Jailbreak Current Status

To be able to jailbreak iOS 11.2.1, 11.2.2, iOS 11.2.5 and beyond effectively, the hackers will need to have another kernel level exploit, which is capable of petting them kernel escape privileges. A recent jailbreak tool has been verified by Alibaba Pandora Labs and the company’s head Song Yang has explained that the jailbreak is fully untethered and lets full root access.

As of this moment, this is the current and only jailbreak claiming to liberate devices on iOS 11.2.x. Unluckily, Yang also stated during the demonstration that they have no plans of releasing anything publicly.

Additionally, the official statement from Alibaba Pandora Labs was open to a definite level of interpretation. This basically means that jailbreak enthusiasts could essentially see something release once the bugs utilized have been reported to Apple and reinforced in upcoming versions of iOS.

As of the now, it’s unknown if the team has plans of cash in on the bug through Apple’s Bug Bounty Program. This means that there is a very small possibility that something will be released in the future when iOS 11.3 or beyond is rolled out

How to Downgrade iOS 11.2.5 to iOS 11.2.2?

Just in case users wanted to downgrade from iOS 11.2.5 to 11.2.2, there are two methods they can use. Here are they:

Method 1: The Riskier Process

  • Turn off Find my iPhone
  • Download the iOS 11.2.2 firmware file for the handset

iOS firmware file for iPhone

iOS firmware file for iPad

iOS firmware file for iPod touch

Remember: If users are downloading the firmware file using Safari then they have to make sure that auto unzip feature is disabled. They can also use Chrome or Firefox. Instead, renaming the .zip file as .ipsw file should also work.

  • Connect the iOS device running iOS 11.2.5 to the PC.
  • After that open iTunes and choose the iOS device from the top left corner.
  • Afterwards, tick on Summary in the left-hand sidebar.
  • Hold the Alt/Option key on the Mac or Shift Key in Windows on the keyboard and tick on the Check for Update option, as an alternative forrestoring.
  • Choose the iOS 11.2.2 ipsw firmware file that has been downloaded earlier.
  • iTunes will notify that it will update the iOS device to iOS 11.2.2 and will confirm the update with Apple.
  • Tick the Update.
  • iTunes must downgrade your iOS device to iOS 11.2.2 at this point.

Method 2: The Safer Process

Download the iOS 11.2.2 firmware file for the iOS device from here:

iOS firmware file for iPhone

iOS firmware file for iPad

iOS firmware file for iPod touch

Reminder: If the users are downloading the firmware file utilizing Safari then they have to make sure that the auto unzip feature is disabled. Otherwise, they can use Chrome or Firefox. Alternatively, retitling the .zip file as .ipsw file must also work.

  • Users will have to put their handsets into DFU mode
  • Plug the device into the computer.
  • Turn off the handset by holding the Sleep/Wake or Power button and swiping it off.
  • Hold the power button for 3 seconds.
  • Start holding the Home button without releasing the Sleep/Power button for 10 seconds.
  • Release the power button and carry on by holding the home button up until the users get a popup from iTunes that it has identified the gadget is in Recovery mode.
  • Tick the Ok button.
  • You will now have to hold the Alt/Option key on the Mac or if you are on Windows then Shift key and tick on the Restore iPhone… (iPad/iPod touch…) button.

Reminder: If the users directly tick on the Restore iPhone button without holding the Alt/Option key on the Mac or Shift key in Windows, it will result in restoring the device back to iOS 11.2.5, which is the newest version.

  • Choose the iOS 11.2.2 IPSW file that was downloaded earlier.
  • Now, tick on the Restore and Update button to continue.
  • The next screen will give them information about the iOS 11.2.2 update. Now, tick the Next button, trailed by the Agree button to continue.
  •  iTunes will now validate the software and install it on the device. It might take around 10 minutes.
  • Once that it is successfully restored to iOS 11.2.2, users must see the white ‘Hello’ screen. They will just have to follow on-screen instructions to set up the device and restore it from the archived backup they had made to restore their personal data.

These are the newest update for iOS 11.2.5/11.2.x jailbreak and the two methods on how to downgrade your iOS device from iOS 11.2.5 to iOS 11.2.2. Please stay tuned for future updates!

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