Latest Patents From Intel and Microsoft Spotted: Is This Surface Phone?

Daphne Planca
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Foldable phones are becoming the hottest trend for this year. The chipmaker Intel seems at work on a hybrid device that can fold three ways and run Windows. They will likely invent and produce various internal components this year. These components can power the upcoming foldable smartphones and laptops.

According to BGR, a patent from the company surfaced online. This patent dated back in 2017. It gives us the company’s concept for a three-way folding phone.

In the patent, the device folds looking like a standard rectangular smartphone. When folded it in, it looks like a laptop. When folded out flat, you can view content across the entire display.

The patent also includes a stylus. You can slip the stylus into the folds of the device when it is in its phone mode. The design conveys a pretty slick looking hybrid gadget.

Another patent also got published. This patent provides details about the potential foldable Surface smartphone/tablet hybrid device.

The Windows maker Microsoft is exploring technological solutions. These solutions are for the future operating system (OS). This will operate on a dual-screen foldable phone. This phone might be the forthcoming Surface Phone.

In this patent, a series of ultrasound sensors are on either side of the alleged Surface Phone. It can calculate the distance between the user and the device. It can also switch the device into the appropriate mode (tablet/phone/PC). It can also display important information for the device’s current shape.

These are all patents. These drawings are concepts from these companies and may not become a reality. However, these coincide with other previous reports about Microsoft’s new two big projects.

These projects are Andromeda and Centaurus. Both are 2-in-1 handsets. The former is going to be a pocket device and the latter a tablet PC. Both will come with the foldable display technology. The upcoming version of Windows will power these devices as well.

So, what can you say about these patents from Intel and Microsoft? Do you think this is the foldable Surface Phone? Let us know by writing in the comment section below.

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