Intel Kaby Lake-G Chip Is Based On Polaris Not Vega, New Tests Reveal

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Not long ago, Intel surprised us with the Intel Kaby Lake-G chip, the first ever Intel-made processors to come with AMD’s very own Radeon GPU. The tech was first spotted inside Intel’s recently launched Hades Canyon NUC. While the new chip isn’t something of a powerhouse, it still proved to be decent enough when it came down to performance.

However, the Intel Kaby Lake-G chip is again seeing a resurgence in the limelight and not for reasons you might assume. According to recent reports, the Intel Kaby Lake-G Core i7-8809G incorporated in the new Hades Canyon NUC is not the Vega GPU, as announced, but Polaris.

Before this, numerous tests have been run on the chip, which resulted in various discrepancies– primarily on power consumption and temperature. With this being the case, Tom’s Hardware decided to do a testing of their own using AIDA64, which is a third party benchmark utility tool, and the results reveal some surprising details.

Instead of the Radeon GPU, the tool identified the GPU inside the Hades Canyon NUC as Polaris 22.In addition to this, AIDA64 also sees the architecture as AMD GCN4, which is something indicative of a Polaris-based card.

After this investigation, other news outlets followed suit. PC World shared that the Hades Canyon graphics card only supports DirectX 12.0 that is a trait which true Vega processors do not sport as the lineup is meant to work with the more advanced DirectX 12.1

Another strong evidence that supports the claim is when tests on the chip’s rapid packed maths proved not to be working that is something akin to chips with Polaris in tow rather than Radeon GPUs. This particular test used a different benchmarking software in the form of Sandra GP3D11, which is a tool that can perform analysis on GPU performance and rapid packed maths.

While it’s too early to confirm whether Intel’s new chip has Polaris inside, it’s still important to note that the GPU isn’t exactly Radeon (Vega) either. Techquila argues that Kaby Lake-G chips are customized specifically for Intel’s 8th gen CPUs, it’s possible, they say, that the architecture underwent modifications to work well with the Hades Canyon NUC chip.

Although the case is strong, we still have to hear the facts straight from Intel. Taking this into account, we advise our readers to take this judgment with a pinch of salt until further confirmations are made.

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