Intel Unveils Its New Processor, Might Power Apple's MacBook Air 2018

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Intel just unveiled their very own 8th generation processor right before IFA, that might affect the future of Apple’s Mac line. This could mean a great deal to the next upgraded version of the MacBook Air. Let’s take a quick look at this.

In the past few months and even before the WWDC 2018, many rumors circulated around the community regarding the next generation MacBook Air 2018. However, the main event from Apple this year went through its final stage without any details for any of the company’s hardware lines.

Now, with the announcement from Intel regarding their new processor, it may point to the possibility of Apple using this new CPUs for their computer lines. We will not be surprised to see the 2018 MacBook Air will be powered by the 8th generation CPU and that could be a big game breaker.

The new processors from Intel got an interesting designation which will be known as the Y and the U series. These new processors were known as Amber Lake and Whiskey Lake.

Intel’s next-generation processors will start their public appearance this coming fall and coincidentally, the same time as the talked about Apple’s October release of the MacBook Air 2018 that might feature a Retina display. The late-year announcement from Intel might be the reason why Apple didn’t talk about their new update for its MacBook and MacBook Air line in the past months which makes sense.

Amber Lake and Whiskey Lake Processors

Intel’s 8th generation processors, the Amber Lake Y series is known for its capacity to support as much as 12 times faster Gigabit Wi-Fi. The same thing can be said for the Whiskey Lake U series which is a lot compared to its predecessors or its competition.

Both of the new processors also sport a faster USB 3.1 Generation 2 connectivity which will be most likely to become the norm in any future processors. Another noteworthy detail regarding the new CPUs will be the power consumption.

According to Intel, the Amber Lake Y series and the Whiskey Lake U series can perform and last for about 16 and 19 hours. The power consumption on these processors is exceptional considering the usage and the capability of the new 8th generation CPU from the Intel.

Which of the two are more powerful you ask? Amber Lake Y Series will be more suitable for lightweight to lower high tier devices. This means it will be more of a touchscreen and stylus type processor. On the other hand, the Whiskey Lake U series is for heavy load consumptions which include 4K UHD content, Dolby Atmos, and Vision HDR. The U Series also has an integration for Alexa and Cortana.

Apple and Intel

It would be interesting to see if Apple will fit these two new processors and a possibility of a two-in-one MacBook Air 2018. Like what we have seen in most of the laptops out there, two-in-one functionality provides flexibility compared to conventional computers.

This idea is not really new and on a number of occasions, Apple’s big boss and CEO, Tim Cook already declined the approach. With that all said, the upgraded version of the processing power of the upcoming 2018 MacBook Air is enough to keep us running.

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