Improved Microsoft Surface Phone Will Come With Larger Flexible Screen

Daphne Planca
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The tech company Microsoft is reportedly in works on an improved version of their Andromeda-powered Surface Phone. This handset has sent back to the drawing board earlier this year to address productivity concerns.

According to MSPoweruser,  a patent of the Microsoft Surface Phone has just been published. The company filed this patent on July 21, 2017. In the patent, there is a flexible screen rather than the initially rumored two discreet panels. The deployable bridge support lets the device to be rigid but not sloppy when the user fully opens the device.

Surface Phone

Surface Phone

The patent offers an amazingly intimate look at the inner workings of the Microsoft Surface Phone. The screen will be about 10 inches when the device is fully opened. Then, the size will be about 5.5 inches when closed. This is on the basis of the width of the standard 8.5 millimeters wide USB Type-C port. This larger screen will provide more productive work to be done.

The presence of the USB Type-C port shows that the new product line will be entirely new for the Surface family. The patent will be a departure from some of the other Andromeda schematics. This looks similar to some of the earlier designs the company had been exploring for foldable devices.

This patent also indicates that the company is still exploring more different ways related to folding. The previous patents pointed out the dual-panel display of the device can be folded with a central hinge.

In terms of specification, the upcoming Surface Phone will come running Windows Core OS with built-in good battery life. It will be ARM-powered to let it last a full day at least on a single charge.  It will provide the usual 64GB or 128GB configurations. Then, it is believed to cost around or even upwards of $1000.

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