iMac Pro News: The Fastest iMac Will Become Available On Thursday Starting At $4,999

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The iMac Pro is confirmed to hit the market shelves on December 14, 2017, Thursday. This device has undergone some benchmark testing and has been proven to be the fastest among all other iMacs

iMac Pro Specs

The upcoming iMac Pro is equipped with 10-cores and W-2155 Xeon processor, which is running at 3.0GHz. This device from the Cupertino based company is packed by 128GB of RAM and 2TB of flash storage. It is also engineered with Vega 64 GPU.

iMac Pro Benchmark Testing

Carrying out a computational fluid dynamics study, utilized in aerodynamic design and progress on a single core the iMac Pro was able to finish the task in 128 seconds. Meanwhile, the 2016 2.6GHz MacBook Pro was able to knock it out in 175 seconds. The late 2013 Mac Pro armed with a 3.5GHz processor completed the task in 209 seconds.

Additionally, when a flow of simulation was carried out on multiple cores, the performance lead of the iMac Pro only gets wider, according to Apple Insider.


The W-2155 has support for AVX-512, and the iMac Pro is the first Mac that can upkeep the wider vector registers. With this, it obtains a huge boost in non-scalar calculations, where each instruction is run one at a time, contrasted with several calculations in the same instruction.

It is also worth mentioning that Intel’s Math Kernel Library is improved for AVX-512. Apart from that, Apple’s Accelerate Framework has been adjusted for it as well.

When compared with 2017 iMac with a 4.2 GHz quad-core i7 processor, it has been observed that the faster clock speed in the iMac edges out the iMac Pro in single-core procedures. Nevertheless, it has totally blown out of the water at calculations containing more than four processors. Furthermore, with calculations that utilize AVX-512, the iMac Pro “runs away” in performance.

Photography and Video Editing

One of the tests involves a 10.96 GB of 4K, H.264 footage being transcoded to ProRes 422 in Final Cut Pro X. The iMac Pro was able to finish it in 7 minutes and 56 seconds. On the other hand, the 4GHz iMac 5K with 32GB of RAM was able to knock it out in 15 minutes and 47 seconds.

When the DaVinci Resolve was used, the one hour and 17 minutes of RED 8K Helium at 60 frames per second were transferred to ProRes 422 in 2 hours and 6 minutes on the iMac Pro. On the other hand, it took 7 hours and 15 minutes on the iMac.

With Lightroom Classic, a 50.74GB of RAW images was imported. The iMac Pro was able to finish this task in 25 minutes and 26 seconds. Meanwhile, the iMac takes twice as long at 50 minutes and 45 seconds.

Using the BlackMagic’s, the disk speed test found that the drive was able to write at 2996MB/sec. On the other hand, iMac Pro can read at the speed of 2450MB/sec.

iMac Pro Release And Price

It can be recalled that Apple announced the first ever iMac Pro way back in June. Now, it is confirmed to hit the market shelves on December 14, 2017, Thursday. When it comes to the pricing and configurations, but last information divulged is that the iMac Pro will start at $4,999, according to The Verge.

These are the available information about Apple’s upcoming device. What do you think of the iMac Pro performance? Please share it with us in our comments section below.

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