iMac Pro 2018 Latest Rumors, Features, Pricing and Updates

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iMac Pro first arrived in December 2017 and won rave reviews. Even though a new Mac Pro won’t hit the market before 2019, an iMac Pro 2018 update is expected to take place soon.

Here is a look at what we can expect from iMac Pro 2018 update, and what that includes:

Apple iMac Pro 2 Release Date

Fans of iMac Pro can expect an update in 2018 as the next generation of Xeon W processors is all set to arrive later this year. Even though we can anticipate an update of 2017 iMac Pro in 2018, a 2019 update will most probably take place at WWDC 2019.

iMac Pro 2 Cost and Pricing

The iMac Pro price is rumored to begin at £4,899/£4,999 ($6,606.99/$6,741.85). Change in price is expected if the price of top-of-the-range iMac changes. There can also be a change in cost if the Mac Pro price is way too different when the new model releases.

At this time, the top-of-the-range 27-inches iMac is priced at £2,249/$2,299 ($3,033.72/3,101.17). The Mac Pro pricing begins at £2,999/$2,999. This price hike is possible when Apple launches the promised update to the Mac Pro. Similarly, the cost of the iMac Pro is likely to go down.

Screen and Design of iMac Pro 2

The iMac Pro is unlikely to receive a redesign. The only change in the iMac Pro was the Space Grey coloring. Rumors suggest that iMac might have this color, especially since the keyboard and mouse in Space Grey can be bought separately. However, it is likely that the iMac Pro 2018 will remain the only Mac desktop that is obtainable in the darker shade.

iMac Pro 2 Screen

Coming to the iMac Pro 2 Screen, the present iMac Pro has the same 5K screen similar to that on the current iMac. The 5,120 x 2,880-pixel resolution screen is good. However, it can always get better.

iMac Pro at this moment offers 500 nits ( measurement of brightness). Book Studio x360 by HP offers a 600-nit display whereas Dell’s Ultrathin 24-inch and 27-inch monitors have 600 nits. All these displays offer DCI-P3 coverage of 85%.

iMac Pro 2018 update is being eagerly awaited by Apple fans. Only time will tell what exactly the company has to offer users in the update.

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