iMac 2018 Wishlist: Features That We Are Dying To See In The Next Apple Update

Daphne Planca
5:34 PM

Avid fans of products from the tech giant Apple cannot wait to see what might be in store once the next iMac 2018 makes its appearance. If its lineup will be given some scrutiny, here are the wishlist of things the company may put into consideration.

According to Apple Insider, the Intel Core 17 8700K processor has Coffee Lake CPU with 6 cores and 12 threads. It will increase the central processing unit (CPU) performance for the upcoming device. This update could speed up your photo-editing experience and bring it too close to the entry-level iMac Pro. However, this might not happen because it will be a cheaper alternative to the latter device that is priced higher.

One of the issues in iMacs is thermal throttling since there is a lot packed into a relatively confined space. As a result, it will run slower when under full heavy loads. Hopefully, this will be solved if the upcoming iMac 2018 will reuse the dual-fan cooler design with a consumer processor similar to Ryzen 2700K, having less power needed.

The current iPhone X has the Face ID technology, and seeing this in every Apple device like this upcoming iMac 2018 will be a breath of fresh air as a user who utilizes various gadgets. You can easily unlock a device with a glance without the need to enter a password or press the fingerprint scanner. You can also login effortlessly using the Keychain to make web authentication trouble-free and safer.

An upgraded FaceTime camera with the resolution of 1080 pixels will be expected, not the usual HD version is seen on Macs for years. It will make a big improvement on the quality as well as the correct white balance. It would also be nice to equip the upcoming device with 16GB of RAM as default storage to make it more accessible.

How about you? What are your high hopes for the upcoming iMac 2018? Share your thoughts and ideas by writing in the comment section below.

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