iMac 2018 Update: Fans’ Wish List Detailed

Maricris Jose
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A lot of rumors about the iMac 2018 have surfaced online; but despite that, Apple has been mum about the details of the upcoming device. The fans now detailed the things that they wanted to see on the iMac 2018 and here are some of them.

Special Mark On Its 20th Anniversary

For any device, 20 years being in the business is really a huge deal. With that, the fans wanted to see Apple do something special to mark the anniversary of the upcoming iMac 2018.

It can be recalled that the Cupertino-based tech company has released special versions of its hardware to mark highlights before, like the Twentieth Anniversary Macintosh. Aside from that, it also released the iPhone X to mark the 10-year anniversary of its iPhone line.

Since the iMac had been loved by many, and its design so iconic, a distinctive version of the iMac 2018 that paid an acknowledgment to its past might possibly be a big hit with Apple fans and even with the collectors.

Overhauled Design

Though the fans really love the iMac’s look, it’s somewhat had the same design for the past 10 years. With that, 2018 could finally be a great year to tweak the iMac 2018 look. This could possibly mean minor revision like slimming the body even more, or something more radical.

It is worth mentioning that the rumors about the iMac redesign have been roaming around the wire since a post on Reddit. Seemingly the said post was made by ‘Foxconn Insider’ who worked for the company that builds the gadgets for Apple. He claimed there would be an upgrade to the iMac and its peripherals.

When it comes to the color, the aluminum design of the iMac has been an indispensable since 2007. With that, the fans wish to see another color option with the next iMac, possibly a Space Gray version, similar to the iMac Pro.

Boosted Specs and Features

The fans also wanted to see the iMac 2018 featuring some of the very latest, and best, mechanisms when it makes it first appearance.

Ideally, the Cupertino-based tech giant shove the cutting-edge Coffee Lake Refresh CPUs into the upcoming iMac, so that the company’s fans could have access to the 8-core chips that the PC users have revealed in for a while. In case Apple is more conventional and sticks with 8th-generation Coffee Lake chipsets, the iMac 2018 stands to get a giant performance improvement over last year’s model.

In addition, the processing possibly won’t be ending up with a six-core CPU, either. As a matter of fact, the three Macs that Apple is speculated to be releasing this year will allegedly offload some functionality to the Cupertino-crafted silicon. This will most likely amount to ‘Hey Siri’ commands, similar to what the company did on the iMac Pro, but then, Apple Can still do something more improvements here.

As for the graphics department, the iMac might still use the AMD’s Vega graphics cards. In case Apple goes for one of the newest AMD card or one that is about to be released, then the iMac 2018 could be armed with a very powerful graphics card.

These are what the fans expect when the iMac 2018 arrives, but then, these are not yet confirmed by Apple and are advised to be taken with skepticism. Always stay tuned as we’ll surely keep you updated regarding this device.

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