iMac 2018 Update - Features, Specs, Rumors and Release Date

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It was on 15 August 1998 that Apple introduced the Bondi Blue iMac. In June 2017, Apple updated the iMac. Since 2018 marks 20 years since iMac was introduced, the next update to the iMac is expected early this summer. We have for you the latest updates on the specifications, features and all rumors surrounding iMac 2018 right here.

The Kaby Lake ranges of processors have undergone an update. From the 7th generation which is used currently in iMac, there has been an update to the 8th generation recently. Below is a look at all that Apple might have planned for the iMac in 2018 including latest updates and rumors on its design, features and release date.

iMac 2018 – Few Features and Specifications

Redesign: In the year 2012, the sides of the iMac were slimmed down. It hasn’t changed since then. It has been 10 years since iMac has been sporting an aluminum look (the first aluminum iMac came out in 2007). A facelift or some internal changes to slim down the unit further is being recommended.

Rumors of Apple planning an iMac redesign in 2018 were floating around last year. Changing the design completely is unlikely considering that the design is quite popular among most people. Further, it is seen that Apple is selling the mouse and Space Grey keyboard separately clearly suggesting that there is a chance of the arrival of Space Grey standard iMac.

Intel’s new Coffee Lake chips will be used for the update. Even though they are available in the market, it might see some shortages in the first quarter.

2018 iMac Screen: The chances of Apple choosing OLED for the iMac 2018 display is slim since the technology is still in the developing stage. The company might want to work on certain issues that OLED technology faces before deciding to implement it.

Apple is unlikely to give iMac a new screen since the Retina display that the 27in iMac showcases is unsurpassable by any competitor.

One of the features that could be adopted in iMac 2018 is the inclusion of TrueTone technology, which was first seen on the iPad Pro, and then later on the iPhone with the iPhone 8 and iPhone X. This technology allows ambient light sensors to measure the color temperature of the surrounding area and accordingly adjust the white balance on the display. This enables the user to read text on a white background easily.

Touch ID and Face ID: Back in 2017 when Apple launched the 2017 iMac, there were speculations that the company would incorporate the touch bar onto the keyboard. However, that did not happen. It is not known as of now if touch ID will be included in iMac 2018.

In iPhone X, Apple had installed Face ID technology to identify its users. It is possible for the company to integrate the Face ID technology into the FaceTime camera on the iMac screen in 2018. The user will then have to enter passwords each time while using the iMac.

iMac 2018 Release Date

The iMac 2017 was launched on June 5 that year during the WWDC. Speculations are rife that update in iMac 2018 might happen at WWDC 2018 on June 4.

It has been seen until now that most iMac is not updated for more than a year. It is hence possible that Apple will opt for an iMac update in September or October 2018.

As for the pricing, the cost of iMac will rise only if there is a significant change in the design.

People are certainly expecting that iMac 2018 will have a different design, made unique with better features and specs. Time will only tell what Apple has in store for iMac 2018.

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