iMac 2018 Could Be Slimmer, Faster, and Compatible to iPads – Latest Specs and Release Date Detailed

Daphne Planca
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Since the iMac Pro was released in December last year, a lot of attention is given, and many are looking forward to what is in store for this machine this year. The iMac 2018 might offer in space grey, incorporate Face ID, get 6-cores, and redesign.

According to MacWorld, reports that a redesign for iMac is possible since it has been over 10 years with the same design when the first aluminum iMac was unveiled. The size of the “chin” might be reduced to house the components. The screen will be less ergonomic once it goes lower than it does now. These changes can save a lot of space without the need to make it thicker.

If ever they will not remove anything from the inside, the dimensions would change even if a 30-inch display would be nice to see. The size of the screen will result in the 27-inch standard unit, which is slightly smaller than the current iMac Pro. This is unlikely to happen since the company always find ways to fit all components inside the chassis with an adequate cooling system.

The Apple might turn its back on the Fusion Drive option for the machine and debut on the higher-end, SSD-only models for its storage. iMac 2018 will use the rumored Vega 28 and 32 graphics processing unit options. It might support the 802.11ax and UHS-II SD card to make it compatible with iPads as an input device.

The release date of the iMac 2018 may possibly be on June 5 during the company’s Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) 2018 event. It might use the new Coffee Lake chips from Intel even if the Kaby Lake range of processors just got an update from the 7th generation to 8th generation Kaby Lake R. These chips are now available but have shortages during the first quarter, so we might wait until September or October.

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