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The iMac from Apple, one of the iconic computers on the planet has been around for almost 20 years now. Back in May, the company’s CEO, Tim Cook posted a tweet about the significance of the iMac in the modern computers today.

What can we expect about the incoming iMac this 2018? Our team at 73Buzz tries to deliver all the latest news about the new installment from the line.

We have seen the last update for the iMac at the WWDC 2017. One year later, we haven’t heard anything from the company about any recent plans about new upgrades for the computer. Apple is known for celebrating product releases, and since 2018 marks the 20th year of the iMac, it makes sense if Apple provides new versions from its Mac computers.

Many consumers believe that Apple will have new updates to their computers including the iMac. This coming September to October, alongside the new iPhone model, we may see the new and improved iMac 2018.

We are expecting the iMac to be in line with its past price range based on the trends that we have seen from Apple in the past few years. If the new model comes with new internals by redesigning the configuration completely, we might see an increase in the iMac’s price tag.

The current design of the iMac is based on the 2012 version. Up until today, we haven’t seen any significant changes in the computer’s aesthetics. One probable changes that might happen would be the chin of the device. This was based on the rumor drifted around the community last year but it is not yet proven until we see one.

One addition to the iMac’s that make sense would be the TrueTone that appeared in recent iPad Pro, iPhone 8 and the iPhone X. This technology helps to adjust the white balance and making the texts and images showing on the screen more pleasing to the eyes.

Another notable addition would be the FaceID that is present in other Apple devices. Since this security feature is already out and being used in other devices, it understandable that the company will adopt this feature and integrate it to the new iMac 2018.

Under the hood, we might see new updates to the processor for the iMac 2018. The low-end iMac could feature a Core i3, the mid-range could get a Core i5, with 4 and 6 cores respectively. The high-end model could get an Intel i7 processor that also delivers a hexa-core setup. If this is not the case, Apple may use their home-made processors like what we are seeing in some of the Apple devices like the current iPhones.

Lastly, we might see the controversial TouchBar in the new iMac. If this is the case, we might see a new setup for the TouchBar. This innovation tore the Apple community in half favoring this feature and some not finding it useful. With this in mind, Apple might look for ways to improve the TouchBar and they might integrate it into the upcoming iMac.

Apple officials are still not making any statements or not giving us some hints about their plans for the whole Mac line — including the iMac. For now, all we can do is wait and see how things unfold.

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