iMac 2018: 6 Features And Specs On Our Wishlist, Release With Mac Mini 2018?

Yves Amodia
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Everyone has been waiting impatiently for the iMac 2018. Because Apple has been uncharacteristically quiet about its premiere desktop computer line this year, there are fears that the company will be concentrating on its mobile hardware instead for the next few years.

However, people should not take that as a sign that there will no update coming.  If there is one thing that we have learned from the surprise announcement of the MacBook Pro 2018, it is that Apple can do whatever it wants with its products, including the iMac.

iMac 2018 wishlist

Apple is incredibly secretive about the development of its next desktop. What fans are left doing is to speculate about the possible features of the computer. These are six of the features and specs that we wish will be part of the iMac 2018:

Better design

The current design of the iMac has become so iconic. But with practically the same design in the past ten years, it would not hurt for Apple to surprise everyone with a design overhaul. This could perhaps mean a slimmer body or more connectivity slots for peripherals, according to Tech Radar.

8th generation Kaby Lake R and Coffee Lake processors

The most recent iMac came out just as Intel was in the process of finishing work on the 8th-generation Kaby Lake R and Coffee Lake processors. This is Apple’s opportunity to integrate the more powerful processors to its desktop.

More color choices

As stunning the aluminum color of the iMac is, it would be a smart move for Apple to offer more color options. If it can do this for the iPad and the iPhone, it can do it for its desktop products as well.

Face ID technology

By now, the Face ID tech used in iPhones and iPads has become a source of envy of other tech companies. It would not be a leap in logic for Apple to put the feature in the iMac 2018 to put more security features in it.

Improved audio performance

One common complaint among iMac 2017 users is the fact that it had weak audio performance. If Apple wants to retain its reputation as an innovator in the computer race, it should invest in improving the audio of the next desktop in its product line.

No hard drives, more solid state drives

It may be time for Apple to get rid of hard drives altogether. If it sticks with solid state drives, it will be more likely to have thinner iMacs.

Surprise release along with Mac Mini 2018?

It looks like the iMac is not the only new computer hardware Apple is prepping for release. Reports say that the company is also set to release the Mac Mini 2018, according to Tom’s Hardware. This represents the first update on the beloved laptop line since 2014.

While there is no word yet as to the exact release date of the Mac Mini update, it is becoming apparent that Apple plans to unveil both the Mac Mini 2018 and the new iMac at the same time. The most likely date is the much-awaited Apple hardware event set for September.

Which do you think of the features and specs outlined in this article will be most likely to show up in the iMac 2018 update? Will you be purchasing the Mac Mini 2018 as well? Post your comments below.

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