Apple Celebrating 20th Anniversary, Possibility Of The Best iMac This 2018

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This 2018, iMac celebrates its 20th anniversary and Apple might provide a possibility one of the best iMac ever. We’ll provide you everything we know about the iMac 2018 along with some news and rumors.

The current iMac uses 7th-gen Kaby Lake Intel processors and a few months after the release, the chipset company gave the 8th-gen Kaby Lake along with the Coffee Lake processors. With this, the recent iMac is a generation behind for its hardware compared to its competitor.

Last June, Apple worried some of their enthusiasts by not mentioning any hardware specific details in their recent WWDC 2018 event. However, the company surprises their consumers a few weeks ago with the news regarding MacBook Pro 2018. Many suggest that iMac 2018 might be included in the surprise comeback and consumers are speculating what the new model can give to its consumers.

What could we expect to the 20th-anniversary edition iMac? One recent trend from the Apple lineup is the processors that are inside some of the Mac computers. Intel is known to power some of the company’s processors but with Apple now entered the chip-making technology like we have seen in their iPhone lines, a possibility of an in-house processor might be installed under the hood for these future computers.

iMac 2018 Availability

Currently, Apple hasn’t provided any specific information nor announced any plans from one of their pioneering computers. However, many observant eyes and critical thinkers suggest that the company will have a huge plan for iMac 2018. Take note, August is the official birth month of the iMac and marking its 20th year, we could see a big party from the company by unveiling the new model from the line. Another possibility of the iMac’s release could happen before the holiday season.

iMac’s Pricing

Since Apple hasn’t made a move yet, we could just speculate what the pricing might be. Based on the trends that happened a few years ago, Mac computers keep their prices near to its predecessors. Many consumers are hoping that the iMac’s price tag stay in-line with its previous counterparts. However, with the upcoming new hardware, we suggest to save up extra to make room for the possibility of a slight price increase. iMac’s pricing last year was $1,099 so we are expecting new iMac 2018 to be within the same range and the higher-tier iMac Pro starts at $4,999

iMac’s 20th Year

Apple is known to be sentimental and with the 20th anniversary of the iMac this 2018, many consumers want this year’s model to be special. To back this up, the company celebrated the 10th anniversary of the iPhone by releasing their iPhone X. The tribute of the company to the iMac’s 20th-year mark could probably give us something unique.

The design of the upcoming iMac can be trace down in the past 10 years and the anniversary edition might provide a fresh new look. A rumor suggests that we could have a redesign for the 2018 model, a Reddit post made by ‘Foxconn Insider’ claimed that there would be a big change.

Under The Hood

Since the 8th-gen Intel processors are out, we could expect the new iMac 2018 to run with it. Although the company is making their own chipset, it might still be premature to implement their setup to the new iMac. The lowest end could run on a quad-core Coffee Lake setup while high end could pack a hexa-core configuration and Apple might still go with AMD for their GPUs.

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