IFA 2018 Preview: Here Are The Smartwatches Expected To Appear

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So IFA 2018 is just around the corner which is scheduled on 31 Aug 2018 – 5 Sep 2018. It is Europe’s biggest technology show and we’re all excited for it as companies will be able to showcase their existing and upcoming products.

But for this article, we’ll be focusing on smartwatches. So what can we expect from the upcoming event? Well, let’s review some of them, shall we?


Rumored to make an appearance on at IFA 2018 is the Fitbit Charge 3 which is a fitness tracker. Its predecessor was launched at the IFA trade show back in September 2016 so there’s a high expectation that the successor will also follow suit.

According to reports, it will feature a sleeker design compared to its predecessor. In fact, just recently, a leaked image of the device was spotted. As for its price tag, it’s expected to cost around $150.


For this company, although we don’t have a very clear idea on what it will be presenting at the event, we’re expecting that it will at the very least debut a device or two at the Berlin gathering as it has done in the recent years.


Expected to come at the upcoming event is the smartwatch dubbed as LG Watch Timepiece. According to reports, it is a hybrid device that combines mechanical hands with a full round color touchscreen, and the physical needles found on its display will tap into highly precise quartz movement to show the time, which in return will give it longer battery life.

Regarding its price tag, although there’s no official announcement about it yet, it is expected to cost around $300. This is because the LG Watch style launched with a price of $249, while the LG Watch Sport started at $349.


Reports are betting that this company will be showing off new touchscreen and hybrid smartwatch collections at the said event. Aside from that, there’s not much to say.


This Chinese company is expected to present the Huawei Watch 3 on the event. It was reported to have 3 variants: Anchor, Unlimited and Voyage. For the expected price, well, a report suggests that it could cost at least £330 and up.


Although this South Korean tech company just recently unveiled its Galaxy Watch, it is also expected to make an appearance at the event. It starts at $329.99 and comes with a free spare watch band if you buy one before September 8th.

What smartwatch are you looking forward to? Also, will you be attending the IFA 2018? Tell us in the comment section below.

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