iEclipse X Conveys System-Wide Dark Mode, Enhanced Battery Life To Jailbroken iPhone X

Maricris Jose
1:30 PM

The jailbroken iPhone X owners will be delighted as a new tweak made by Guillermo Morán has been released. Dubbed as Eclipse X, this tweak brings system-wide dark mode and an enhanced battery life to the iPhone X users.

Eclipse X Tweak Background

Apple iOS 11 brings the Smart Invert feature, which brings dark mode to iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.  The said feature reverses UI colors like the background, buttons, and text but it leaves off the media like the pictures and icons. Although this isn’t the perfect solution, it is still a decent workaround.

Moreover, a system-wide dark mode would have been perfect for iPhone X which arrived featuring an OLED screen. Unluckily, this isn’t present in the handset but if the device is jailbroken, then users could utilize theEclipse, which brings the said feature.

The good news is that the developer, Guillermo Morán, has rolled out a developer preview of Eclipse X, which carries system-wide dark mode to iPhone X. The owners of jailbroken iPhone X can download the tool for free from this website. Additionally, the developer has plans of releasing a paid version of the jailbreak when the tweak is feature-complete. If the iPhone X owners wanted to try Eclipse X, they have to jailbreak their handsets using the Electra jailbreak to be able to install and utilize the jailbreak tweak.

Eclipse X Issues

Though the Eclipse X seems to be perfect, it still has some issues:

  • It is permitted inside all apps. There is no possible way to disable it (No AppList).
  • Color options are limited since it’s just a developer preview.
  • Mail and Notes aren’t compatible as of this moment but it will be fixed in newer builds.
  • Support for more third-party applications is yet to arrive.

But despite the aforementioned glitches with Eclipse X, the jailbreak enthusiasts are pleased to inform that they observed an enhanced battery life on their iPhone X after installing Eclipse X.

Hopefully, Apple won’t forget to include the dark mode on iOS 12. Please stay tuned for future updates!

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