The jailbreak community will surely be delighted with this recently published good news. Ian Beer, who is a security researcher, recently released the iOS 1.4.1 Exploits and it appears that he’s now searching for the iOS 12 vulnerabilities.

According to iDownloadBlog, Beer has become a bit of a legend in the jailbreak community lately. Despite that he isn’t directly associated with the development of the current iOS 11 jailbreak toolkits like Electra, his immense iOS exploits have helped to make them possible.

With all his contributions, Beer is still working hard. As a matter of fact, he announced last Wednesday (September 19) morning through his Twitter that he will be releasing some new iOS 11.4.1-centric exploits.

Unluckily, Beer did not reveal a lot of information about his iOS 11.4.1-centric exploits in the Tweets. This has left the tons of wiggle room for elucidation. It is also worth mentioning that up until this moment, there’s no confirmation what the exploits might include and whether they will subsidize to another jailbreak toolkit before well-known hackers start striking away at iOS 12 in search of susceptibilities and vulnerabilities.

As for the iOS 12, it seems to be that this recently released iOS version is Beer’s new point of interest. After releasing the iOS 11.4.1 exploits, he will line up iOS 12 exploitation efforts; thus, leaving his preceding work in the jailbreak community. With that, it would be up to the talented jailbreak teams like the Electra Team to come up with another jailbreak toolkit.

In addition, Beer’s Tweets also reveals that the iOS 12 safeguards Apple’s mobile operating system in more methods than the firm publicly acknowledges. With that being said, this could make jailbreaking the iOS 12 tougher, as formerly-valid exploits no longer work as of this iOS update.

Nonetheless, these hindrances aren’t capable of stopping the hackers from finding ways around Apple’s up-to-date security measures. Hopefully, we can see an iOS 12 jailbreak release. Let’s all keep our finger crossed and always stay tuned as we will surely keep you updated on the happenings at the jailbreak community.