Huawei To Launch First-Ever Foldable Smartphone in November, Device to Rival Samsung Galaxy X and Microsoft Surface Phone

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As we all know, the race to create the first ‘truly foldable’ smartphone has now commenced. Many industry key players in the form of Samsung, Microsoft, Apple, LG, and Lenovo have pledged to produce the world’s first, releasing different designs and patents with the idea in mind.

However, it seems like the playing field is about to be shaken as Huawei has also entered the race, aiming to beat out Samsung’s much-anticipated Galaxy X and Microsoft’s Surface Phone concept.

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According to the latest report from Korean-based news outlet ETNews, Huawei is planning to become the world’s first foldable handset creator —conquering the much-coveted niche before Samsung and Microsoft could make their moves. The sources have also indicated that the phone is now in development inside the company’s headquarters and is set to officially debut the product this year sometime this November.

Forbes says that this particular release timeline is important to note since other foldable handsets are not arriving until two years or three years from now, especially the Galaxy X and the Surface Phone. With this in mind, they believe that the Shenzhen-based manufacturer is indeed making the first legitimate steps towards the goal of constructing the first-ever foldable phone, which they intend to do within a short period of time.

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In addition to this, they also pointed out that if Huawei is truly aiming for a release year, then it could only mean bad for Samsung and Microsoft, especially for the former as it has always been in the forefront of innovations when it comes to the mobile industry. And of course, in contrast, being first does not necessarily equate to greatness, if Huawei intends to release a phone of this caliber, then they better do a fine job.

More into the details of the release, while the phone is scheduled for an unveiling late this year, TechRadar argues that it might just be no more than a simple introduction to the phone, which means it wouldn’t be dropping to the market until 2019. According to them, Huawei wants to accumulate feedback on the phone before its official release —incorporating consumer suggestions into the final device for a more user-centric experience.

In terms of features, the only thing we know now is that Huawei’s phone will come with an OLED screen. Android Police suggests that the company might source the screens from Samsung. However, they insist,  that this may not be the case as Huawei have also started buying OLED screens from LG.

While news like this is exciting, it doesn’t really translate well into reality. A bunch of times, we’ve been handed with announcements and leaks such as this but we have yet to see an actual phone in the flesh. That’s why we advise our readers and consumers to withhold belief until Huawei confirms the claims. However, it’s also important to note that with the abundance updates like this, it’s safe to assume that there really is something going on behind the scenes. But we’ll have to wait and see if these plans are going to see the light of day.

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