How Apple Handles Their Competition Against Surface Line

Ronald Balondo
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Microsoft just recently announced the arrival of the Surface Go that will rival Apple’s iPad. However, until now, we still haven’t seen any news from the company about their new line up of devices that will compete with all the devices out in the market. How would Apple react to the current competition they got?

In the past years, we saw consistencies within Apple’s products such as iPads and MacBooks. Their devices are getting thinner, lighter and faster every year but compared to other players in the electronic race like the Microsoft’s Surface line, where they implemented innovations with futuristic designs which merges power and compatibility, the company is sticking to their game plan and that might lead to good results.

Apple is known to be innovators, not afraid to step into the unknowns. This can be traced down like what the company did during their introduction to their first iPod which revolutionized the music player industry and same can be said to their first iPhone that started that opened the doors for the age of smartphones.

The company’s strategy is simple for us to follow and they’ve been working this out since it proved effective to them. Apple is keeping the things that are working until they perfected it and find innovations to other stuff that they could find as an add-on.

Unlike the other electronics companies that are constantly changing gears and hoping that it will be a big hit, Apple products such as iMacs, MacBooks, iPads, and iPhones shows fluidity over the years. Innovations may sometimes be a critical moment, like what we saw when the TouchBar first appeared in MacBooks but I’m sure that the company will try to find ways to make it work.

As we all remembered, Steve Jobs pushed his team to come up with an innovative computer to challenge the competition which eventually brought us the first iMac line. It was a risky move that somehow carved the company to the top. However, not all gamble ends up with a win.

There are hit products from the company in their early days like their iMacs but other products such as the PowerMac, G4 Cube and Xserve weren’t that successful. This might be their first turning point to stick on what’s working and dropping the other lines that were not.

Fast-forward to the present time, Apple’s competitor is still lagging behind the company when it comes to sales and revenue. Collectively, the company’s hardware lineup is only a fraction compared to other manufacturers’ huge collection of devices but still, MacBooks and iPads still end up being on top of the leaderboards.

Now, with the rumored budget friendly MacBook Air 2018 that is believed to be included in this year’s lineup, could this be the answer from the company to go toe-to-toe with the new Surface line? With the new set of hardware challenging Apple’s lineup this year, many consumers are very excited about how the company handles the situation and how would they react. Would they fold or would they fight and provide another innovating product? Would the company stick to their usual game plan or would they create something new?

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