HomePod 2: Next-Gen Apple Speaker Might Be Smaller Than Predecessor

Yves Amodia
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The HomePod 2 is Apple’s best chance at redeeming itself. This was after a rocky start for its newest smart speaker line. The first update to the HomePod comes just a few months after the solid but not phenomenal launch of its predecessor. With sales clocking at 600,000 for its first three months on retail, sales have been pretty lackluster based on Apple standards.

Smaller HomePod 2

The launch of the HomePod 2 may fix two of the top complaints of consumers about it, which is the size and the high price. Apple is said to be working on a smaller and cheaper model for the next release in the series, according to MacWorld. The smaller HomePod could be named as HomePod Mini.

This could be an attempt for Apple to make amends with consumers after it offered the first HomePod at twice the price of its rivals, according to the Apple Post. This may be among the reasons why the smart speaker failed to catch on like other products of the company.

Other Apple speaker details and features

It is expected that the next HomePod will retain the quality of its speakers for the next release. However, with the mixed response to the Siri, it would not be unreasonable to expect improvements to the AI assistant. This is especially because the HomePod is being marketed as a smart speaker.

Potential release

Apart from the iPhone, Apple tends to have an unpredictable release pattern for its products. For example, the first HomePod took eight months from announcement to reach stores. This is why when the HomePod 2 will be released is anyone’s guess. There is, however, credible reason to assume that it will start selling before 2018 ends.

Do you think the HomePod 2 will be even better than the previous next-generation Apple smart speaker? Post a comment below so we will know your thoughts.

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