Hitman 2 Locations Revealed In Recent Leak; India, Columbia, and More

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IO Interactive swore to bring its Hitman 2 players around the globe, taking them to exotic locations to keep their sceneries interesting all through the course of their manslaughter festivity. But aside from the Miami location, IO Interactive has not yet disclosed the other six locations. However, a new leak that sprouted could give players clues.

A massive information contained within a PDF that is based on the assets and data taken from the 7.3 server version of the Hitman, along with other information garnered from the Hitman: Super Assassin game files have surfaced leaking loads of information regarding the details of the game.

The said information is accessible to players at the moment who have ordered the game before it was made publicly available. As per the PDF, players from Miami will be going to Columbia, India, New Zealand, the North Sea, and North America’s Suburbia.

Aside from divulging the places or settings of the game, the PDF likewise gives a glimpse on some other particulars regarding the locations in Colombia and India, along with more media and information pertaining to targets, opportunities, challenges, targets, etc. Less information is given with regards to the three other locations, and as for the two latter ones – no information or media whatsoever has been disclosed.

It is always best not to take unverified reports, leaks and rumors literally, because even information in PDF notes are bound to be modified or altered. Although this particular PDF may have given us a slight truth to all the rumors that are currently circulating.

IO Interactive has formally affirmed that the Hitman 2 will have six locations, and every location will be integrated with multiple missions. The past games have taken players worldwide in France, Italy, Morocco, Japan, China, and Colorado. This means that the new game will likewise provide players with a diversified set of locations like the previous one.

Hitman 2 is currently in progress for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. The game is slated to be released on the 13th of November 2018.

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