Apple iCar Release Date, Rumors, Price, Design, and Patent Images

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Apple has been rumored to be involved in numerous projects that include cars in the mix. But there is no confirmation on whether the car project is plainly a software for automated driving or a self-driving one. The company is a pioneer in future technology, and like most of its counterparts is intent on future technology.

The hearsays on the development of the iCar or the Apple Car in February 2015 have it that it would be as good as Tesla. According to the Wall Street Journal, Apple’s iCar project has been dubbed as “Titan.” Bloomberg’s June 2017 interview with Tim Cook, Apple’s CEO, implied that the company is currently engaged in the creation of the driving platform that is autonomous in nature.

The preceding claims have been corroborated by the VoxelNet study done by Apple’s computer scientists way back in November 2017. VoxelNet is a 3D detection program that inhibits autonomous cars from colliding with cyclists and pedestrians. This was followed by the materialization of Apple’s partnership with VW in May 2018 where both are working on a self-driving vehicle to ferry workers from and to the workplace.

Apple’s car project leaks have not indicated whether the company is actually creating a car, an in-car entertainment model or an autonomous driving technology. However, it is definitely correlated with cars, and so far Tim Cook has not made any confirmation about the project to-date. Bloomberg, on the other hand, is not holding back and has forecasted that Apple will launch its iCar by 2020.

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Gene Munster, candid Apple rumors advocate and Apple analyst, states that the iCar or Apple Car is not expected to see the light of day for the ensuing five years. But reports from WSJ imply that Apple is considering an earlier date of introducing the car canceling the initial 2020 plan. Conflicting reports with different dates for the launch has risen where some say it would either be on 2019 or 2021.

The price of the Apple iCar is expected to fetch around £36,000 or $55,000. But car enthusiasts may not still get to see the iCar on the roads by 2019 since Titan’s project engineers will still be signing off its key features by then.

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