Here's Why You Shouldn't Use The Xiaolian iOS 11.2.6 Jailbreak and Wait For Electra Jailbreak

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Apparently, there’s a newly released jailbreak called the Xiaolian iOS 11.2.6 jailbreak made by a team called Xiaolian Team. But a number of people in the jailbreak community warned people to avoid it due to its nature.

So Why Should People Avoid It?

@nullpixel, a well-known figure in the jailbreak community and also part of the Electra team members, have expressed via Twitter that he would personally not use the Xiaolian iOS 11.2.6 jailbreak because it’s essentially a mash-up of old Electra source code but with a multipath instead of async_wake. When it comes to trust, he doesn’t trust it at all because it’s compiled with binaries inside it which were ripped out of Electra.

@Pwn20wnd, another well-known figure in the jailbreak community, have also warned people about the jailbreak. According to him, the latest Electra knockoff was actually made by @japja00 who has a history of releasing fake and broken stuff.  He then tweeted on the previous tweet he posted revealing that there isn’t actually a @XiaolianTeam and that it’s @japja00.

@GeoSnow also warned people in using the jailbreak. According to him, it’s basically a knock-off of the older Electra jailbreak with multi_path (the same issue pointed out by @nullpixel) and that there’s a high probability that it’s not even working. He then pointed out its file system footprint which may cause some problems in using the official Electra.

The Damage Control

Amidst the controversy, Xiaolian Team made an announcement via Twitter to somehow rectify the situation. According to their statement, they may have an idea how ijapija00’s name got printed in their files and that those were not their files. They believed that someone must’ve used their repo script to upload the files in order to ruin their hard work. They denied the allegations that they are ijapija00 and asked people to avoid installing anything from their repo until they fixed the issue.

Despite this announcement, people poke fun of it. Even @nullpixel tweeted “Haha bullsh*t”.

So what do you think about the newly released Xiaolian iOS 11.2.6 jailbreak? Will you use it or will you wait for the official Electra Jailbreak? Tell us in the comment section below.

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