Here’s Why Parrot ANAFI Lack Of Obstacle Avoidance

Maricris Jose
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Europe’s biggest drone manufacturer, Parrot recently released its ANAFI. This drone is budget-friendly and is armed with decent specs but in case you’re wondering why Parrot ANAFI doesn’t have obstacle avoidance we’ll tell you the reason why.

Parrot ANAFI is undeniably the closest rival of DJI Mavic Air that is armed with a bunch of obstacle avoidance tech. Seeing that Parrot’s pride doesn’t have one could be a deal breaker for the consumers. But, the European drone maker has a reason behind that.

During an interview with Dronelife, Parrot’s International PR Manager, Fabien Laxague stated that the reason behind the omission of the obstacle avoidance tech is the consumer. Additionally, Parrot’s Head of Global Consumer Product Marketing, Pascal Perrin elucidated that the company has devoted a lot of time listening to its patrons to be able to know their priorities, how they wanted to use the drone and what they’re really looking for. With that, the priorities with Parrot ANAFI were the flight time, transportability and of course the camera.

Perrin further added that “To have something so small, so lightweight and with a 25 minute flight time, we needed to make a choice.” With those words coming from him, it only confirms that Parrot had the need to sacrifice some of the Parrot ANAFI’s best features to look for a space for obstacle detection technology. But then, the European company also believes that its patrons won’t see that exclusion as a huge deal. ANAFI drone flaunts an immensely remarkable 25 minute flight time, outstanding portability and an exceptional camera tote up to a convincing suggestion that safety features aren’t a big deal.

Aside from those practical aspects, there also appears to be a philosophical dissimilarity between Parrot the other drone makers. The European drone manufacturer was keen to emphasize that flying with Parrot is about taking accountability for your drone and being concentrated at all times.

What can you say about the company’s reason why Parrot ANAFI lacks obstacle avoidance technology? Please share your thoughts with us in the comment section below.

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