Harry Potter: Wizards Unite, Pokemon Go-style Game Pushed Back To 2019

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Much has been said about Harry Potter: Wizards Unite, the Pokemon Go-style game that the same developer, Niantic, is creating right now. Announced last November, it seemed that it will be coming within this year. Recent developments, however, indicate that it may no longer be the case.

Harry Potter: Wizards Unite rescheduled release

There is no definite answer from Niantic as to whether Harry Potter: Wizards Unite will be in app stores this year, according to Euro Gamer. Founder and CEO John Hanke had an indefinite answer to the question of the game’s release date when he was asked during the Dortmund Safari Zone event. This means that there is a big possibility that the game will instead be released in 2019.

When the game was first officially announced, both Niantic and game publisher Warner Bros. went short of confirming a 2018 release for the app. Instead, they settled by saying more details will be revealed about the game this year.

One possible explanation for this delay in release is the resurgence of Pokemon Go. Niantic’s first success declined steadily in usage a few months after its release in 2016. Now, however, new features and updates are making it popular again.

A lot of people expected that the game will be in app stores in time for the release date of “Harry Potter” spin-off sequel “Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald,” according to Forbes. However considering that a lot of the world is already experiencing cold weather, it may not be ideal for location-based games like the ones Niantic does.

Pokemon Go notably became a massive success for Niantic upon its release. While critics were divided over it, its impact was undeniable. It is credited for mainstreaming augmented reality technology and location-based platforms in the gaming industry.

Will you be playing the Harry Potter: Wizards Unite when it gets released next year? What are you most excited about this particular game? Let us know in the comments.

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