iOS Jailbreak: Hacker Fantastic Releases Rebirth Tool for iOS 11.3.1

Yves Amodia
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The past few weeks saw a lot of action in the jailbreak community. This is especially true for those who have devices running the iOS 11.3.1 given the jailbreak tools and information released by hackers Abraham Masri and Ian Beer.

Developer Hacker Fantastic just added his name to a long list of recent newsmakers in the jailbreak scene. This was after he released the Rebirth tool that can be used for iOS 11.3.1 devices.

Rebirth users get iOS 11.3.1 access

The release of the Rebirth tool makes it easier to gain root access through Secure Shell  (SSH) protocol to the iOS 11.3.1 devices. The newest iteration for the software can be used for 22 iOS devices that run on both the 11.3 and 11.3.1 OS versions. That said while the IPA file for the tool can be downloaded for free, it is not likely that the Rebirth tool will be available publicly anytime soon.

The Rebirth tool is used mainly by developers, security researchers, and tech professionals. It can have remote root access to iOS devices for security and tech investigations and studies.

iOS 12’s powerful security upgrades

In related iOS news, Apple has revealed that it is cracking down on potential security flaws on its platforms that enable both hackers and law enforcement elements to gain access to devices. The feature is called USB Restricted Mode, according to CNET. It will deny anyone who tries to access device data through the Lightning port if the iOS device has not been unlocked in an hour.

Additionally, Apple has also made changes on how app-makers access personal information of users. The new App Store Review Guidelines requires them to ask permission to users to get the information first. This was after some app makers were found to use personal information from the apps for their marketing. Some even sell the data for profit.

Are you a security research professional who wants to use the Rebirth tool? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section once you download the software.

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