GTA Online News: Doomsday Heist Initially Intended For Grand Theft Auto V?

Maricris Jose
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Rockstar Games’ Grand Theft Auto V is the most successful story in this generation of gaming. Recently, GTA Online obtained a major boost with the addition of The Doomsday Heist, which has been one of its biggest missions as of this moment.

Recently, there have been talks that Doomsday Heist wasn’t really projected for GTA Online, but for Grand Theft Auto V instead. A thread was found in the GTA Forums and it that talks about potential DLC for the game, way back in 2015. In the forum, there were several things being talked about. It includes a casino heist and a jetpack, which are now two main elements that are part of GTA Online.

There is a Twitter user under the name of Fun 2 who posted a link on his feed, mentioning that he initially posted the said thread on the forums. “Two years ago, I’ve posted this in the SP DLC thread,” he clarifies. “Jetpacks are coming and Clifford is the Supercomputer name! Cut content which was planned for SP DLC is used for online DLCs.”

Nonetheless, that move of Rockstar Gamed kind of makes sense. This is because there are more players who are taking on activities in Grand Theft Auto Online these days as an alternative to playing through GTA V’s single-player campaign. But despite that, some of the video game producer’s fans are wondering, what if it expands the single player story and its potentials?

As of this moment, the Rockstar Games hasn’t commented on this story and it can’t really be established as official or not. But then again, having a close look at the notes in the said Forums, it wouldn’t surprise the GTA fans if this got changed around a little bit so that it will be compatible with the GTA Online universe.

Moreover, you can at the least give a Doomsday Heist a try. The Grand Theft Auto Online is now accessible as a part of Grand Theft Auto V, for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC.

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