GTA 6 Will Likely Be More Successful Compared Red Dead Redemption 2, Rockstar Claims

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Up until this moment, there’s still no concrete information about the GTA 6 release date. But despite that, Rockstar seems to be sure that this much-anticipated video game will be more successful compared to its upcoming Red Dead Redemption 2.

It can be recalled that the last major video game from the publisher Rockstar was released 5 years ago and this game is the fifth franchise of GTA series. The GTA 5 was able to break all records and was able to become the most profitable video game in the history. As a proof of being successful, it has allowed Rockstar to go numerous years without the need to release another game to eke out a living.

Unluckily, NSEAVoice has learned that the profits are currently drying up and the timing couldn’t be any more impeccable as the New York City-based video game publisher is about to end their game-less years through the launch of the Red Dead Redemption 2. This video game is an open-world, cowboy-themed, and is expected to have numerous things in common with GTA 5. With that, video game enthusiasts are anticipating a similar level of achievement from the title.

But then, Rockstar has played down the said as the firm doesn’t think that the upcoming video game will be as successful as the GTA 5. Aside from that, the same report also claimed that Rockstar has revealed last week that GTA series has turned into a gigantic brand in the gaming industry and the same thing can’t be anticipated for the Red Dead Redemption. With that being said, the Red Dead Redemption 2 isn’t estimated to be on the same level of success with GTA 5. Rockstar believes that the only game that can surpass the GTA 5’s success is the GTA 6.

Moreover, Rockstar has concluded by stating that the firm still loves to see if the Red Dead Redemption 2 can pull off a market surprise. Nonetheless, the chances of that to occur is minimal therefore Rockstar is keeping their anticipations low. Always stay tuned for further information about the much-awaited GTA 6.

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